"Romans" is the tenth episode and season finale of Castle Rock. It aired on Hulu on September 5, 2018.


Some birds can be caged.


Henry Deaver leaves the Bed & Breakfast to see to Ruth Deaver. On the way, his car is repeatedly hit by birds, causing him to crash and knocking him out. The other Henry and Molly Strand talks, and he tells her that he needs to take Henry into the woods to try and find his way home. Molly wants to believe him, and asks what she was like in the alternate Castle Rock, Maine. "Happier," is the reply. He asks Molly to get Henry to meet him at Harmony Hill Cemetery.

Shawshank State Prison is being closed down due to the massacre. Buses loaded with prisoners are heading other penitentiaries across the state. Warden Theresa Porter goes home and finds a carved figure made of soap in her house.

Molly gets a text from Henry that he sent earlier concerning Ruth and goes looking for her. She finds Ruth on the Alan Pangborn Memorial Bridge, standing on the edge and looking to jump. Molly tries to get her to come down, but she refuses and talks about other times when Alan is alive. Ruth tells her that they have had this conversation before, and Molly always asks her to come down. But then Molly says something about Ruth leaving her husband that she learned from the other Henry. Ruth tells her that it is the first time she said that.

Wendell Deaver treks through the woods looking for the source of the sound he hears. He comes upon the RV where his father was held; the police are present processing the murder of Odin Branch. Willie gives a statement and looks at Wendell suspiciously.

In the morning, Henry is woken in his car, and then drives to Ruth's home. He finds Ruth there and they hug. Molly is also present and tells him the other Henry's story. Henry doesn't believe it, thinking that he used his time in the house and garage to learn everything about them. Henry plans to turn the other "him" in, but Molly refuses to tell him where he is. Ruth receives a phone call, leading Henry to go to the police station to pick up Wendell.

At the station, Henry picks up Wendell but is stopped from leaving by Daria Reese who believes he was involved in Odin Branch's death, because of Willie's statement that they argued on the night of his death. Henry is held in custody.

At Molly's office, Warden Porter comes looking for the prisoner. She gives Molly the figure, and says that she believes Lacy was right – the kid is the devil. As Porter turns and leaves, she is run over by a Department of Corrections bus shuttling prisoners from Shawshank. As the police process the scene, Molly gets a phone call from Henry.

Visiting Henry at the police station, Henry asks her to take Wendell to Boston and then to get as far away from Castle Rock and him as possible. She agrees, and given what just happened to Warden Porter, she also tells him where the other Henry is waiting.

At Harmony Hill Cemetery, the other Henry is arrested by police forces. As he is cuffed, he looks at the grave that he was standing before: "Deaver Boy, Born to Heaven."

The two Henry's end up in a holding cell together and talk. Soon, they are moved into a single cell as the Castle Rock Police need the other cell to hold prisoners from the Shawshank transfer. The prisoner seemingly engineers a breakout by getting the prisoners to start attacking each other. When one is stabbed and brought out the cell by the police, he overpowers the police and the prisoners then go on a rampage through the police station, killing everyone they encounter. In the confusion, the other Henry gets the keys and releases them.

As Henry surveys the scene in the police station and talks to a dying Willie, the other Henry pulls a gun on him and leads him into the woods. As they head towards the sound, a flashback shows that Henry did indeed knock his adoptive father off the cliff and cause his injuries after finding out that he planned to kill Ruth because he had discovered her affair with Alan Pangborn. Henry takes advantage of momentary lapse in the prisoner's concentration and tackles him. As Henry trains the gun on the other Henry, he sees the other's face, twisted and aged.

One year later, Henry is working in the Maine judicial system in property law. He is living in the Deaver home, Ruth having passed away in the early months of 2019. Henry is visited at Christmas by Wendell and they play chess. Molly now lives a happier life in Florida, running her realty business and visiting her grandmother.

Henry goes to the abandoned Shawshank prison and heads down into the water cistern where is keeping the other Henry caged just like Dale Lacy did before him. It is Christmas, so Henry brings him burger and fries as a "present." The other Henry ask how long they are going to do this. "Don't know," is the answer. As Henry leaves, the Kid smiles into the darkness.

Jackie Torrance sits in The Mellow Tiger, writing a book about her experiences killing Gordon called "Overlooked." Taking to Dean Merrill, she mentions that she plans a trip west because the best place to finish a book is where it started ...





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