Robert "Robbie" Beals was played by Jeffery DeMunn in Storm of the Century.


He is the town manager of Little Tall and has a rivalry with the Constable Mike Anderson. When the storm is about to come, he becomes one of the first, who confronts Linoge and tells Mike through radio, what he did to Martha Clarendon, his first victim. During his confrontation with him he finds out, that Linoge knows that he valued visiting a prostitute more than visiting his dying mother. He uses this knowledge time and again against him.

Through this he overpowers him and he, like the town, gives in to Linoge´s demand of giving him one of their own children freely. During the selection of the child he encourages his wife to go along with it. His son Donny Beals is not the chosen one for Linoge.

Later, after Linoge goes away, he rebuilt the fishhouse that was destroyed during the storm and years later his wife committed suicide because of the events surrounding Linoge.

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