Rita Blakemoor was a wealthy, middle-aged Manhattanite who appeared in The Stand. In the 2020 miniseries, she is portrayed by Heather Graham.


She was immune to Captain Trips, and escaped New York City with Larry Underwood through the Lincoln Tunnel. Rita had lived a pampered life and quickly showed that she was not ready for the post-apocalyptic world, which results in tension between her and Larry.

Several days after escaping New York City Rita commits suicide by an overdose. This occurs while Larry is sleeping next to her and the discovery of her corpse leads to a Larry having a breakdown.


Rita does not appear in The Stand (1994 miniseries). The character was melded with Nadine Cross, due to time constraints of the four episode format.

In the 2020 mini-series ,appearing on CBS All Access, the character is portrayed by actress Heather Graham.



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