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Richard P. Macklin is Eddie Corcoran's abusive stepfather and a minor character in the novel It. He is also the stepfather of Dorsey Corcoran, and the husband of Monica Macklin. Like Beverly Marsh's father, Richard would often physically abuse Eddie and Dorsey on a daily basis. However, unlike Al, who would sometimes prove to be a loving father to his daughter, Richard would often severely beat his stepsons without warning. Although not as crazy as Butch Bowers (Henry's father), he still tends to be very violent and psychotic, and often goes above his limits when beating his stepsons (as shown when he forcefully pushes Eddie towards a coat rack, causing to him urinate blood for nearly two weeks, simply because his son had accidentally slammed shut the door, waking Richard.)

In May 1957, Richard savagely beat Dorsey with a Scotti recoilless hammer, killing him. Although grief-stricken over the murder of his stepson, Macklin covered up the incident, making it seem like an accident, and buried the hammer in his wife's vegetable garden. When Eddie was killed by It, It framed Richard for Eddie's death. He was arrested by the Derry State Police about a week later and sentenced to ten years in Shawshank State Prison. He was released in 1964 and moved to Falmouth, MA. Not long after, Richard committed suicide, leaving behind only a small note which read: "I saw Eddie last night. He was Dead.".