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"Never believe what you publish. Never publish what you believe." - Dees in 'The Night Flier'

Richard Dees is a journalist who works for the tabloid publication Inside View. He investigates the string of murders in the Stephen King story The Night Flier. The character was portrayed by Miguel Ferrer in the movie by the same name.


According to King's description, Dees is a man in his early 40s and slightly balding. He is deeply cynical and seems to possess no human pathos (even thinking to himself he wished he had emotions) and no scruples or manners unless trying to superficially charm a potential informant. He is paralleled to the vampire, Dwight Renfield, who also 'lacks humanity' but seems to long for it as well. Dees' fate in the novella is survival and arrest being blamed for the vampire's recent feeding. In the film, he further confronts Dwight and demands to see what he looks like. Dwight begrudgingly does so before forcing Richard to drink some of the vampire's blood and finally driving him fully insane. Once again, he is blamed for Dwight's murders, but in the film is killed by terrified policemen.


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