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Reginald Marion "Pop" Merrill was a resident of Castle Rock, Maine, and owner of The Emporium Galorium.


Besides running the junk shop, Pop also loaned out money at outrageous interest rates, taking advantage of desperate people.  He died in The Emporium when the "paranormal" camera he was holding exploded, splashing a glob of molten plastic on his neck.

He was the uncle of Ace Merrill, the uncle-in-law of Holly Merrill, the great-uncle of Ruth and Lucas Merrill and the great-uncle-in-law of Ralph McCausland.

Castle Rock

Reginald "Pop" Merrill is played by Tim Robbins in Season Two of Castle Rock. Dying of cancer, he is at a reckoning with his family as his nephew John "Ace" Merrill is set to take over the family business.