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Raymond "Ray" Davis Garraty was a tall, well-built boy wearing a faded army fatigue jacket.[2]


In the beginning, Ray is brought to the Walk by his mother's car. His mom gives him a pack of cookies after discussing for last time of refusing to go. Ray then meets Pete McVries a tall and strong boy with a scar in his face. They both talk about the Walk and leave to the highway. Were they meet Hank Olson and Art Baker. Ray stares at a weird boy hanging on a tree while eating a sandwich. After he knows he's Stebbins. The Major name them to give each their number. In which Garraty is named 47. All prepare in lines to beggin the Long Walk, Garraty sees a piece of fece, told to be from another walker that sufered an atack of panic. In the Walk, Garraty reunites to the group of the people he met, except Stebbins, which is at last. He then meets Harkness a walker who claims he'll write a book about the Walk. He the gets killed. Along he meets Pearson, Abraham, and Scramm who's married.

Scramm tells Garraty he left school at 14 and married with a pretty girl called Cathy. When he starts to die, all his friends reunite to promise that, whoever wins, will take care of his wife. Hank Olson stars to die, he's like a ghost walking in the crowd. He then dies. In the end of the Walk, near Boston, there are only seven walkers alive. Ray, Pete McVries, Art Baker, Stebbins and three other. The three unknown die, levaing only Baker, Stebbins, McVries and Garraty.

Baker noties he'll be dead soon and asks Garraty for help. Baker stops walking and dies. Garraty then thinks McVries and Stebbins are planning to kill him, he gets near to them. They both ask Garraty to tell a story, he the gets interrupted by Stebbins, who tells both that he's The Major's son, (and says he had a lot of children) and he wanted to win to reveal it. McVries starts to get tired and weak, he says to Garraty he'll sit down, it's time to sit down he says. Garraty tries to get him up, but two soldiers take him back and McVries is killed. Stebbins asks him to finish the story, because if McVries just got killed, he may be still there, as a spirit. Stebbins then gets shot in the back, leaving Garraty as the winner. The Major comes on a jeep to give Garraty the Big Prize, but Garraty sees a shadow far away. He asks who's missing to defeat, Scramm? Gribble? Pearson? He feels a hand in his back and starts running again. Alucinating that there's someone else to defeat, so he can win the Long Walk.


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