Ray Brower is a character of The Body and Stand By Me. He was last seen near the train tracks in the backcountry. Soon rumors abound that he was hit by a train, but neither forest rangers nor police have been able to confirm this due to lack of a body. Gordie LaChance, Vern Tessio and their friends decide to find the body on a dare. Ray Brower also gains the attention of juvenille delinquints Ace, Eyeball, and their gang, who also endeavor to find the body. Their rationale is that they will clean up their bad reputations by becoming local heroes, which will then turn to fame as one of them says "We will be on every talk show in the country". Teddy DuChamp succeeds at finding proof first, through a pair of sneakers.

The other boys soon find the corpse of Ray Brower, confirming he indeed died from being hit by a train. Soon Ace's gang shows up, threatening to fight Chris and his friends for possession of the corpse. This turns into a standoff. Gordie later remarks that utlimately neither gang claimed the body. One of their members placed an anonymous call to the local police, who claimed the earthly remains. The corpse was presumably handed over to the Brower family and prepared for proper burial by an undertaker. Gordie felt that all boys, both Ace's gang and his friends, did the right thing in not trying to get attention from the tragedy for their own self-glorification.


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