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Rachel Lang or Rachel White is an anti-villain of The Rage: Carrie 2, a film produced in 1999 by Katt Shea, that was the sequel to Brian DePalma's 1976 film Carrie. Rachel is the paternal half-sister of Carrie White that she makes fun of, because Carrie's father Ralph White left her mother, Margaret, for another woman (Carrie mentioned this in the first movie). Rachel acts like Carrie and has the same abilities like her. She was portrayed by Emily Bergl, while Kayla Campbell played the younger Rachel.


(The following takes place at the beginning of The Rage) Like her half-sister Carrie White, (who was responsible for the Black Prom incident) whom she never met, Rachel apparently also possesses telekinetic capabilities, which became dormant only after her mother Barbara was taken away to an asylum (when Rachel was a little girl) while she was trying to protect her baby from the demons by painting her house red to keep away the evil spirits. The first example is when after walking away from a police officer, who was there and tried to help her by putting her in foster care, Rachel enters a door in her house, and it shuts itself behind her. Also, the windows open and shut and the lights turn on and off. After Rachel yells at the objects to cut it out, she runs in the closet with her dog, Walter.

Teenage Years

Rachel Lang & Lisa Parker.jpg
Rachel Lang with her best friend, Lisa Parker.
Rachel first caught the eye of the adult Sue Snell (Amy Irving), when her best friend Lisa Parker committed suicide as the result of a prank perpetrated by members of the Bates High football team, in which the team members slept with girls at random and then dumped them. Also, the girls' names were placed in a notebook along with a number (points). Rachel was deeply affected and saddened by Lisa's death, so much that other students' lockers began to suddenly spring open, strewing papers and miscellaneous stuff on the floor. In the meantime, an investigation was conducted on Lisa's death and all leads pointed to a team member named Eric Stark. Eric became concerned about his role in the "prank" when Lisa killed herself, and tried to remove her name from the notebook, but Mark Bing (Dylan Bruno) told him not to. After all he had to win the game. But Rachel discovered after she developed a photo of Lisa and Eric together. Some time later Rachel confronted Eric at his locker, which prompted him to make a B-line to his friend Mark Bing. He told Mark, that Rachel was on him, as well as the town sheriff Robert Kelton, who approached Eric earlier to question him, and then reveals the photo with Lisa and Eric in it. Mark decided it was time to act. Later that night, Rachel was getting ready for a date with another member of the football team named Jesse Ryan (the two of them became acquainted following an car accident involving Walter). The telephone then rang, Rachel answered and somebody with a Donald Duck-like voice answered by saying, "What's your favorite scary movie?" The voice turned out to be Mark's. Soon, some other team members began to heckle Rachel from outside her home and Eric, wanting to stop playing games, put a brass knuckles on his right hand and was about to break into Rachel's house via a kitchen window. Rachel sensed it, and used her telekinesis to angrily slam the window on his hand. When Rachel's foster parents returned home, Bing and company fled. When asked by her parents how one of the windows got broken, Rachel just said, "How should I know?"
Rage shot3l.jpg
Rachel Lang with Jesse
The following day, Jesse came to Rachel and asked about why she did not show for their date and she informed him of the previous night's "events." Jesse did not want Rachel to leave with the idea that he consented to the prank in any way, so he tried to set up another date with Rachel, and would not clear out of her path, until she consented. Rachel eventually consented. However, Sue called Rachel to her office and administered a test to her. Rachel wrote off the whole thing as absurd, but Sue insisted that they go on with it. Eventually, Sue hit a nerve within Rachel when she said, "Sometimes, I can make things move with my mind." (This may point back to an earlier meeting between Sue and Rachel where the two were talking about Lisa's death and a similar traumatic experience Sue suffered, and Rachel inadvertently knocked a mug off of Sue's desk). Rachel had had enough at that point and tried to leave. Sue wanted Rachel to stay and Rachel yelled at her to let go. Simultaneously, a snow globe on Sue's desk "smashed" itself to pieces. Once Rachel left her office, Sue looked upon the wreckage, horrified. As visions of Carrie White flashed in her mind, Sue began to feel, as if history was about to repeat itself. Meanwhile, Jesse confronted Mark about going to Rachel's house and suggested that he send his "regards" for Rachel to him next time. The situation escalated into a short fist-fight between the two, and Mark yelled at Jesse about what his "problem" was and that they were friends. Jesse answered and said that they only grew up together. Sue then visited Rachel's mother Barbara at Arkum Asylum to find out who the girl's father was. Barbara was wary of Sue at first and even asked her, if she had children. Eventually, the two women found their way into an empty room and Barbara began to to tell Sue, what she wanted to know. Albeit, on one condition: that Sue would not go and hurt Rachel with what Barbara has told her. Barbara then said: "I never told Rachel who her real daddy was because a lot of people around here aren't fond of Carrie White because of what she did. You see, he was her daddy, too." - Barbara Lang to Sue Snell. Carrie White, a familiar name. Sue had tried to help Carrie by asking her one-time boyfriend Tommy Ross to go to the prom with Carrie as a way of making up for mistreating Carrie, especially during the shower scene from the first film. The plan worked, until Chris Hargensen and her boyfriend Billy Nolan evilly botched it by dumping blood on Carrie's head, while she was being crowned prom queen. Barbara then said, that "his" name was Ralph... Ralph White. Sue became uneasy at what she heard. Moreover, it made her realize, that she had to warn Rachel, or else she suffer Carrie's fate.
Rachel Lang with Sue Snell
Rachel was called out of class the following day to accompany Sue to the site of what remained of the "old" Bates High School. Sue hadn't been to this place in about 20 years, to which Rachel responded by saying, "Welcome home." The wrecked building was crumbling, and Sue said that she wished that it were torn down. She also said that the few people that survived the prom night disaster [previously we were left to assume everyone had died in the prom] never talked about it. The conversation swiftly shifted to what Rachel knew about this "Carrie White." Rachel answered and said that she believed that Carrie started the fire as some kind of a "revenge-suicide" thing; Elvis was her date (huh?!); and both escaped in a UFO. Sue knew better and tried to inform Rachel about what was happening to her, saying that she was not crazy and the devil has nothing to do with it. It was the result of Rachel's having the gift of telekinesis: the ability to move or change objects by way of the mind. When Sue began to offer further help, Rachel had really had enough of her. In her mind, she was not about to be helped in the same manner as Sue was, and made it absolutely clear when she said, "I don't want or need your help!" That was Rachel and Sue's final meeting.Later the investigation into Lisa Parker´s suicide was covered up by the Senior D.A. for political reasons leaving Rachel uninformed and unprotected towards the Bates football team. Some time later, following the opening game of the Bates football team (which they won, thanks to Jesse nabbing the ball midair for the touchdown), Rachel was escorted to the after party at Mark's parents' summer house by two other girls named Monica Jones and Deborah. Meanwhile, Jesse had to catch a ride with a girl named Tracy Campbell (It seems, that Tracy has had her eyes on both Jesse and Rachel for a long time). That said, it may have only been a stall so Mark and his crew could do what they were about to do. At the after party, Rachel was not immediately welcomed by the enormous group of onlookers, but Monica assured her that they would "adjust." Rachel was then whisked about to another part of the house to share a drink with Monica, Mark and Brad. No sooner there than Rachel was moved about again to the middle of the floor to dance with Mark. However, he and several of his friends mentioned the "game" Rachel was in, and yet another footballer tossed a notebook to Mark. Rachel opened it and read. What she saw clearly bothered her, but Mark only asked if she saw someone she knew inside. Rachel tried to leave, but Brad was there to block her path. Monica made an opprobrious comment about Lisa being a skank, and Mark and Eric (who joined in after he was called downstairs) began to make their own jokes.
Rachel Lang humiliated
Later, the line was crossed: on the multiple television screens around the downstairs area of Mark's pad there was playing a video of Jesse and Rachel having sex! Rachel couldn't believe it — she had been set up! Then, Mark grabbed Rachel and forced her to watch the video, and everyone at the party started laughing. Mark then let Rachel fall to the ground for everyone round about to make fun of her. Everything seemed to be moving at warp speed in Rachel's eyes, until the last thing she saw in her mind was Jesse chanting "sucker!" That was it. Rachel could not take anymore. Suddenly, doors all around the summer house closed by themselves. Brad picked Rachel up and made a comment about a zit on Rachel's rump, but then saw Rachel's heart-shaped tattoo pound and he got freaked out. Rachel grew veins all around her body (symbolizing Rachel’s fury). Rachel mentally made an earthquake in Mark's house, which freaked everyone out. Chandeliers and pictures fell off the wall, while Rachel's veins continued to spread around her body. Suddenly, all the windows broke simultaneously and everyone ducked. The shards from the windows flew around everywhere and decapitated Chuck Potter in the process. Rachel mentally threw disks like a metallic folding fans around the house and multiple disks stabbed Deborah in her chest and stomach. Then Rachel set a fire in the house.
Rachel Lang enraged.
Sue and Barbara arrived at the house too late — the very thing that Sue wanted to prevent had happened again. Sue ran towards a back door to try to get in, but the doors were locked. Rachel mentally threw a spear and it stabbed Brad Winters through his head and pinned him to the door, which pierce through his brain. Sue got in the way of the door and the spear went through Brad's head, into Sue's forehead, pinning her to the door, along with Brad. Barbara witnessed this and went in Mark's house to see what was going on. The door behind Barbara closed and she was knocked down by Mark and Eric. Mark suddenly realized that Rachel was responsible for everything and he and Eric ran off. Barbara sat on the floor and prayed for the devil to leave Rachel's body. Rachel's vision became grey and she walked away infuriated. Rachel followed Eric, Mark and Monica through the house. The trio rushed to get weapons as the party area was now crashing down into flames and killing the guests. When they obtain some weapons, they rush to the rear pool area. In the pool area, Rachel had cornered Eric, Mark and Monica, all three armed with spear guns. Rachel used her telekinesis to break Monica's glasses and the shards from her glasses stabbed her in her eyes. This caused a chain reaction, where Monica swung her spear gun in pain and she accidentally stabbed and killed Eric in his groin with her spear gun. Mark was left alone to confront Rachel. She mentally threw the spear gun from his hands and was about to finish him, when she heard the sound of her mother's voice, catching her off guard and snapping her out of her telekinetic-induced rage. Rachel stood somewhat awestruck: the mother, whom she hadn't seen since she was a little girl was inside this wreck. No sooner had Rachel heard Barbara call out to her, when she felt a nasty, sharp pain in her hip. Mark had fired a concealed flare gun at her, causing her to collapse into the pool. Mark then made the mistake of looking over the edge with a harpoon to finish her off. She expanded the pool cover and then Rachel emerged from the pool, screaming. She pulled Mark downward and exited the pool using a harpoon moments before the cover had fully closed up over it. Mark got hit in the head with the pool cover as it was moving. He tried to break free, but he later drowned. Barbara ran to the spot, where her daughter was lying. Rachel looked up and called out to her. For a moment, Barbara thought she was looking at her child, as she was when she was little. But then, her vision cleared and she saw Rachel with the outline of the vines from her tattoo on her face. Barbara became frightened, screamed out "The Devil is in you!" and ran off. Rachel called out to her mother again in vain, and then laid on her back and begged for death to come. Soon, she heard a familiar voice calling for her. Rachel had enough strength to get to her feet and run back into the house. Jesse and Tracy were inside observing the carnage unleashed by Rachel moments prior. Rachel caught sight of Tracy looking up at her and, in about three camera cuts, used her "TK" to collapse a fire covered ceiling on Tracy. Jesse tried to pry the wall off, but Rachel made yet another one fall to prevent the effort.
Dead Rachal Lang.jpg
Rachel Lang dies.
Jesse ran upstairs to Rachel to find out what happened. She responded by pointing out her name, point total and those of the other girls whose names were in Mark's notebook, and accusing Jesse of lying to her after all that time. Rachel then played back the tape of her and Jesse during their moment together. Jesse said that he did not know that someone was taped them together and confessed that he truly loved Rachel. Somehow, Rachel began to replay the part on the videotape where Jesse said, "I love you", and Rachel realised that Jesse was telling the truth, and she and Jesse looked at each other. However, the fire covered ceiling started to collapse, and Rachel pushed Jesse out the way, but it landed on her and crushed her. Rachel told Jesse to leave her, but he would not. Even as his sleeve started catching fire while he was kissing Rachel, Jesse was adamant on staying with her. But Rachel used her TK a final time to launch Jesse into the pool. She then died in peace in the midst of falling debris. One year later, Jesse is at King's University, sharing his room with Walter. He has a dream that Rachel enters his room, looking as she did when they made love. They kiss before she shatters into ash. Jesse awakes and looks at himself in the mirror.
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