Que Viene el Coco is the fourth episode of HBO's The Outsider. It premiered on January 26, 2020.


While retracing the Maitlands’ recent family vacation in Dayton, Ohio, Holly (Cynthia Erivo) pursues a possible connection to an eerily similar case and gains valuable insight from local former detective Andy Katcavage (Derek Cecil). Meanwhile, Glory (Julianne Nicholson) faces increased scrutiny in her daily life, and Jack’s (Marc Menchaca) behavior grows progressively more erratic.


Holly's investigation in Dayton uncovers a pattern - individuals in different cities across the country who are accused of murdering children, with decisive forensic evidence incriminating them despite strong alibis, and a series of suicides and revenge kills in the families of both the victims and the accused in the aftermath of the crime, suggesting one killer who becomes a perfect doppelganger of various unassuming targets. In each case the doppelganger who committed the murder scratches a stranger before apparently assuming their form and repeating the pattern in this new target's city.

Terry is the latest target of this being, with the nurse Heath Hofstadter preceding him in Dayton; in turn preceded by a woman named Maria Caneles in Harlem. A woman in Harlem explains her belief to Holly that the perpetrator is a supernatural boogeyman who feeds on the suffering of its victims and their families.

In Cherokee City, Glory fends off harassment from townspeople and nosy reporters. An increasingly erratic Jack leaves a stockpile of dead animals and furniture in the woods for the entity he is communicating with. Ralph identifies on security footage that local bouncer Claude Bolton was scratched on his wrist by Terry Maitland's doppelganger the night of the murder. The boy who carjacked the van comes forward, admitting to Ralph that he saw a man take the parked van in Dayton but was afraid to mention him before. He draws a picture of the man he saw, bearing a clear resemblance to the hooded, deformed figure seen around crime scenes in Cherokee City.

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