Portland Maine Harbor

City of Portland, Maine

Portland is a city in New England and a major city in Maine. Portland is the largest city in Maine with a population of 66,194 in 2010. Portland is home to the University of Southern Maine. Portland is about 107 Miles from Boston, 129 miles to Bangor, 20 miles to Jerusalem's Lot and 37 miles to Castle Rock, Maine. Portland has been mentioned in a few Stephen King works and has made a few appearances. To get to Portland as stated in Salem's Lot before the construction of the I-295, one had to first drive down Route 12 to Falmouth, and then go onto US Route 1. Stephen King was born in Portland.

Appearances/Mentioned In

Salem's LotBen Mears drives through Portland on the I-295 on the way back to Jerusalem's Lot 

The Shawshank RedemptionAndy Dufresne worked for a Portland bank before getting incarcerated at Shawshank


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