Percy Wetmore is the main antagonist in The Green Mile.


Percy is the nephew of the governor's wife, and likely received his position through his family's connections.

Percy is first seen loudly announcing the arrival of John Coffey until his superior, Paul Edgecomb, orders him to stop. Nevertheless, Percy continues to mistreat the death row inmates at any opportunity. He breaks two of Eduard Delacroix's fingers and stomps on his new pet mouse, Mr. Jingles, but is left confused after John saves him. Eventually, despite learning how to properly use the electric chair, Percy deliberately sabotages Delacroix's execution just to see what will happen -- he purposely fails to wet the sponge placed under the electrode fastened to the top of Delacroix's head, causing Delacroix to burst into flame (although John Coffey absorbs all the pain). Despite his sadistic nature, Percy is left in shock after witnessing his scheme's horrific result. He is therefore unofficially punished by the other guards, but shows no remorse in the end.

Later, in order to escort John Coffey safely out of the prison to save Melinda Moores, Paul and the other guards apprehend Percy and lock him in the padded room. Upon their return, Paul and Brutal threaten him into silence. Percy agrees to stay quiet, but immediately after, John grabs Percy and takes control of him for the purpose of killing William Wharton to punish them both at once. Percy never recovers from the brainwashing and is institutionalized at Briar Ridge Psychatric Hospital for the rest of his life. However he was sent to another unknown institute after Briar Ridge was caught in the fire. He later dies in 1965, despite being the youngest of the guards.

Personality and characteristics

Percy is described as a small (in both body and mind) man who works on death row for the pleasure of watching prisoners die. The other guards want him reassigned, but his contacts enable him to stay on the Green Mile. Percy is an instigator, stirring up trouble with his violent behavior, and is not above using his family's position to get out of trouble.

Though he enjoys tormenting inmates, Percy proves to be a coward when real danger strikes, as seen in his interactions with William Wharton. He is also somewhat lazy, preferring to read pornographic comics rather than learn about his new position at Briar Ridge.


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