Pauline Verdreaux-Rennie was the wife of Jim Rennie, the mother of Jim Rennie, Jr., the sister of Sam Verdreaux, and a resident of Chester's Mill.

She created several paintings, including Pink Stars, as well as teaching pottery classes.


When Lyle sees Pauline and Big Jim kissing he stabs her in the back. Pauline is taken into the school and treated by Sam. When everyone is out of the room except for Rebecca, she makes one final request. She asks to go out peacefully by being injected with too much morphine.


"Thicker Than Water" (mentioned)
"The Fourth Hand" (mentioned)
"Curtains" (mentioned)
"Heads Will Roll"
"Force Majeure"
"Going Home"
"The Red Door"
"The Fall"
"Black Ice"
"Go Now" (death)