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Paul Randolph is a deputy sheriff with the Chester's Mill Police Department.

A member of the United States Marine Corps, Paul served two tours in the Iraq War, earning a Silver Star for his service.

Randolph may be considered the twinner of Peter Randolph.


Paul Randolph first appears in the episode "Into the Fire" where he and Freddy Denton were called in by Linda Esquivel about a shooting at the edge of town. They arrive in separate squad cars at the side of the dome where Linda was on her knees beside the body of Police Chief Duke Perkins. They run over to her and Paul asks who shot Duke to which Linda says that Duke stepped too close to the dome and his pacemaker exploded which resulted in his death. Freddy steps close to the dome and flinches away. Paul realizes that Freddy's wristwatch did not explode and Linda sees it was a windup; which meant the dome only effected objects that are powered by batteries. Linda than asks Paul to make a road block so nobody gets close to the dome and suffer the same fate as Duke, but Paul wants to know who was in charge. Linda lashes at him, saying that he is a cop and to just do his job like he normally would at a scene of an accident. Paul hesitates, then reluctantly makes a roadblock and to put out a warning for the townspeople to stay away from the Dome.

At the diner later in the day, Linda, Fred and Paul attempt to mollify the fears of the diners before heading back out on patrol. Outside in the street, Paul becomes panicky and confronts Linda before climbing into his car and driving off.

Hours later, on the road, Linda and Fred are forced to stop when Paul swerves his patrol car in front of theirs. He then shows them the stockpile of assault rifles in his trunk, frantically claiming that the town is "one klick away from total and complete lawlessness" as he hands out firearms. Moments later he spots Dale Barbara in the woods nearby and orders him out onto the road, while Linda receives a radio call from Jackie informing her that Duke's house is on fire. Linda orders Paul to stand down, instructs Jackie to send every available officer to the Perkins residence; she then orders Barbie into her and Fred's patrol car. They quickly arrive on the scene where Duke's house was ablaze. Linda hears Coggins screaming for help inside the house and manages to rescue him from being suffocated by the smoke. Paul helps out on putting out the fire by organizing a line of people who will each pass on a bucket of water. The plan was not working, however, Jim Rennie arrives in a tractor and demolishes Duke's house before the fire can spread any further.

After the fire was put out, Rose congratulates Linda and Rennie for their efforts, and the bystanders applaud them as Rennie extols the communal spirit of the townspeople, assuring them that they will face any future crises with "courage and solidarity." From the crowd, however, Randolph insists instead that the town is "toast" because "there's no way out"; and the smoke was polutting their air supply. When Fred tries to calm him, Randolph pulls his gun, screaming that the Dome "is never going to go away" before firing at the barrier. One of his bullets ricochets and pierces Fred through the chest; Linda rushes to Fred as Barbie disarms Randolph, but Fred dies in Linda's arms.

On the night after Freddy Denton's death, Paul was brought to the town's jail. A man hurls a beer bottle at Paul and repeatedly calls him a "cop killer". Paul showed no remorse, claiming that it was an accident and that the dome had killed Fred, not him. Jim Rennie invokes his status as the town's remaining councilman in an attempt to keep the peace, instructing the townspeople to return to their homes.

Linda brings Paul down to the cells and locks him in even as he repeatedly claims the dome killed Fred. Paul then fakes that he is having a seizure and hyperventilates. Linda steps in to Paul's aid only to be beaten down by the cop. Paul takes Linda's sidearm and locks her in the cell. He insists that the Dome is going to kill them all if the townspeople don't kill him first. He then flees upstairs and grabs an assault rifle from the weapons cache. He flees the building and escapes in his squad car.

Paul drives to the Black Ridge Woods where he had normally hunted game. He abandons his squad car and flees on foot. In the morning, Paul is organizing his big supplies when he hears a noise behind him. He soon figures out he was being pursued by a search party as they had found Linda in the cell where he left her. He turns and blindfires his assault rifle, which results in Roger; one of the search party volunteers, to be shot in the knee. Paul then continues to flee through the forest.

Paul after he got shot by Linda.

He later finds two volunteers in the search party, Dale Barbara and Jim Rennie. Paul sneaks up on them and holds Rennie at gunpoint and orders Barbie to put his weapon down. However, unbeknownst to Paul, Linda had also been searching for him alone and sneaks behind him. She then fires a pistol she picked up at the station at Paul's back, killing him.


In the 2013 miniseries, Randolph was played by Kevin Sizemore.