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Paul Landon is a character in Stephen King's story, Lisey's Story. In the 2021 Apple TV+ miniseries, he is portrayed by Clark Furlong.


Lisey’s Story

Paul was three years older than Scott and was the creator of "good bools" (aka "long bools"), which were the antithesis of their father's dangerous "blood bools". Paul created the bool hunts to lift his and Scott's spirits and help escape the misery of their father's madness.

At the age of 13, Paul fell victim to the same madness which was the legacy of the Landons for generations and became a violent, insane, feral creature. He was killed by his father after Scott's attempts to cure him failed.

Lisey's Story 2021 Miniseries

Paul first appears in one of Scott’s flashbacks. Scott and Paul’s father cut Paul several times in one of his “blood bools” to let the bad out. Their father had a feeling that Paul had “bad” in him, something he didn’t worry about with Scott.

Paul created bool hunts, a type of scavenger hunt, for Scott to help distract him from their father’s behaviors. He would hide soda and candy bars at the end of the hunts. Paul admitted to Scott that he wishes their father would get electrocuted and die.

Paul got wounded by the Long Boy on one of his and Scott’s trips to Boo'ya Moon. The Long Boy marked them forever after that.

Eventually, Paul’s body was taken over by “the bad” and he became monstrous. He tried to attack Scott, so their father had to tie up Paul in chains for weeks in their barn while deciding what to do with him. Eventually, Andrew shoots Paul when he tries to attack Scott again. Scott took Paul’s body to Boo'ya Moon where he buried him on Sweetheart Hill.