Paul Gendron was a car salesman from upstate Maine who moved to his late parents' farm in Motton in 2007. He is a fan of the Portland Sea Dogs.

On Dome Day, he met Dale Barbara at the scene of the crash on Route 119 at the Motton/Chester's Mill border, breaking his nose when he ran into the invisible barrier. Before Jim Rennie arrived at the scene, he and Barbara started walking west along the wall in an attempt to find the end of the barrier. They eventually came upon Nora Robichaud's crash on Route 117, and witnessed the explosion of a CBS-13 helicopter that collided with the Dome.

He continued to accompany Barbara for a time, but eventually had to return to his own destroyed vehicle on Route 119. Before they parted, Barbara asked Gendron to contact James Cox at the Fort Benning Army base, and Gendron agreed.


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