"Past Perfect" is the eighth episode of Castle Rock. It aired on Hulu on August 29, 2018.


Newcomers set up shop in Castle Rock, Henry follows a clue.


In a flashback, Gordon assaults someone for sleeping with his wife, Lilith, prompting their move to Castle Rock, Maine. They buy the old Lacy house with the intent of opening a murder-themed bed and breakfast. During the renovation, they find the key to the basement and find dozens of paintings of the Kid painted by Warden Lacy over the years. Gordon hangs them up and is fascinated by them. The first guests arrive and it is clear they are not interested in Gordon's vision for the place, but are looking for somewhere to have sex. During the night, as the couple has loud sex that Gordon listens to, he eventually snaps and murders both of them.

Connected to Henry Deaver's plight in the woods, Molly Strand rescues him from the RV. As she helps Henry to her car, he asks where Willie and Odin Branch are. Molly says she does not know, but we see Odin laying dead on the ground with a screwdriver through his eye.

Henry talks to Molly in the car and says that after a few hours in the filter he thinks he is going crazy and used to know how the world worked. Molly says she is used to people calling her crazy. Henry apologizes for saying that to her.

Henry heads into the Deaver house to find Ruth in bed, Wendell missing, and the Kid in the kitchen. Henry demands to know what happened to his son, just as Wendell walks through the door. Henry tells him to go upstairs and lock the door. The Kid leads Henry into the garage to show him Alan Pangborn's body. Wendell calls the police.

The Kid tells Henry that Ruth killed Alan and that he cleaned it up because they need to protect her. He asks Henry is her hears it, and realizes that he finally does. He tells Henry he rescued him from the basement and waited 27 years for him. The police arrive, and the Kid disappears out of the rear entrance while Henry is left to deal with them.

At the B&B, Gordon dismembers the bodies and starts to dispose of them. Jackie Torrance arrives with a business proposal where she would promote their lodging and they would do the same to her taxi company. Jackie is fascinated by the Gordon's attempts at turning the place into a murder-themed attraction, but the couple understandly want her out of the property because they have something to hide. Outside, Jackie finds a bloodstained object, raising her suspicions.

The police take Alan's body away, and Ruth is still confused as to what happened, believing that she was protecting Henry from her husband, Reverend Matthew Deaver. Henry sends Wendell back to Boston by bus. Before the bus leaves, a bird hits it and then Wendell begins to hear something painful in his right ear.

Troubled by what the Kid said about a basement, Henry heads to the B&B to check out the basement. He ends up searching the house and finds all the pictures of the Kid and realizes that they were all painted over a number of years because Lacy dated them all. He finds one from 1991 and realizes that the Kid is wearing the same outfit in the painting that Henry was in his missing photo.

Henry is interrupted by Gordon and he tries to leave. Lilith stabs him with a knife, but Gordon tries to intervene, leading to him being stabbed. As Henry fights off Lilith, she ends up stabbing herself in the throat and bleeding out. Gordon chases after Henry to kill him. Jackie arrives and kills Gordon with an axe to the head.

Twenty four miles away, Wendell gets off the bus at a stop in Jerusalem's Lot  and starts to head back to Castle Rock.

Molly goes to her parents house and finds the Kid there. He says Henry is not ready but that Molly can help him. The Kid knows stuff about Molly's past and tells her how the house was laid out, and what her parents let her do.

Outside the B&B, Henry and Jackie are checked by police and medical personnel. Henry receives a phone call from Reverend Appleton – Ruth is in the church, asking if Alan is dead or alive right now. Henry rushes off to see to her.

At Molly's parents house, the Kid and Molly go up to her room. He describes how it used to be. As they look out of the window towards the woods, he tells Molly that she died out there.





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References to other Stephen King works

  • Wendell Deaver gets out at a bus stop in Jerusalem's Lot, Maine
  • Jackie Torrance uses an axe to kill, seemingly nodding to her Uncle Jack Torrance in The Shining film, who also used an axe to kill as she previously mentioned.