Otis Doyle was the sheriff of Chamberlain, Maine.

Carrie (novel)

He was a sheriff who routinely did his job and saw the town as a peaceful place where everything was more or less normal like in all the existing towns in the United States.

This attitude changed during the Black Prom. While it happens he returns to Chamberlain after dealing with an accident near the town, when he saw the city go in flames. He returned to Chamberlain immediately to limit the destruction and death there and got information about what was going on through Sue Snell, Vic Mooney and Thomas Quillan . He couldn´t believe what was happening while working in that direction.

He later testified at the White Commission regarding the event exonerating Sue on the way and also expressed his horrible shock regarding the deaths of the kids in school.

Carrie (2002 film)

He is mentioned by Detective Mulchaey during his investigation.


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