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Now You Must Be Still is the sixth episode of the Apple TV+ adaption of Lisey's Story. It aired on July 2, 2021.


With Darla’s help, Lisey sets out to rescue Amanda so the three sisters can unite to take on Jim Dooley.


Officer Boeckman calls in to the police station to let them know he’s leaving the Landon household because everything is calm there. He mentions he’s going to stop by Lisey’s sister’s house on his way home because she’s away. Jim hides from the window at Amanda’s house until he hears the officer’s car pull away. Jim stands on the porch and throws his yoyo up and down. He turns on the porch light and goes back inside.

Lisey goes to Boo'ya Moon by herself with the shovel. She goes to Paul’s grave and hears the Long Boy screaming. Lisey walks into the water at the lake and washes her face and drinks the water. Her wounds heal.

Lisey goes to sit next to Amanda, who says her name. She writes “Do you still want to come home?” on a piece of paper. She then writes “Concentrate on Scott’s study.” Scott is also there and whispers “Amanda”. Lisey writes “I need you to HELP ME!” Amanda loudly exclaims “Bring me home Lisey, bring me home!”

Lisey goes back home and falls asleep. The next morning, Darla comes to her house with pepper spray, mace, a screecher, a taser, and a mace gun, prepared to take on Jim if he comes back. Lisey tells Darla she could be an anchor too and that she can’t risk having both of her sisters “over there”. Darla seems confused and hears the water running. She turns around and Lisey disappears, going back to Boo’ya Moon. She picks a flower and goes back to her house with Darla.

She explains to Darla that Boo’ya Moon is real and that she needs her sisters. She tells her that Dooley is going to kill them. The flower dies in front of Darla.

Lisey calls Dashmiel to tell him about a lawsuit she is going to file against him for harassment, unless he agrees to do some things that might change her mind. She tells him if Dooley contacts him to tell him that she changed her mind and to meet her in her husband’s study tonight at 10pm. She also wants him to call the police department to tell him that Dooley was scared off by the police.

Lisey then records a message to Dooley to tell him she’s giving up and to not hurt her anymore. She asks him to come to her house at 10.

Lisey and Darla go to the medical facility to see Amanda, where Lisey explains that Amanda is a double- one body is in Boo’ya Moon and the other with them. She asks Amanda how Scott brought her back before. Amanda whispers, “kissed me”. Lisey kisses her and water flows from her mouth into Amanda’s. Amanda wakes up, back to her normal self, and happily sobs as she hugs her sisters.

In a flashback, Scott tells Lisey about a few comments from his editor about his latest work. He also tells her about a corgi, Ralph, who came home after three years. Scott mentions putting the dog in one of his books. She and Scott dance and joke around in the study. The lantern sculpture starts to light up.

In present, Lisey and her sisters meet with Dr. Hugh Alberness. Amanda insists she needs to go home but he seems hesitant. He is shocked by her speedy recovery and he asks for her to stay for a few more days for extra monitoring. They insist she go and so he finally agrees.

Darla tells her sisters that she thinks Dooley was in Amanda’s house while she was there. Amanda insists they kill him and hide the body in Boo’ya Moon. The sisters get hyped up and start screaming “Let’s fucking kill him” in the pouring rain.

Meanwhile, Jim sees the police vehicle parked next to Lisey’s house. He listens to Lisey’s message on his cell phone.

Lisey and her sisters pull up to her house. Lisey walks up to the police car and Officer Dan Boeckman tells Lisey the madness could be over soon because they received a call from Dashmiel that the stalker, Jim, is backing off. Lisey tells him that’s great and he drives away. Jim watches.

The sisters start to talk and laugh together. Jim sees this and mutters to himself “Don’t make fun of me.”





"Let's f*cking kill him!"
―Lisey, Darla, and Amanda