Norrie Calvert-Hill

MacKenzie Lintz as Norrie Calvert-Hill

Eleanor "Norrie" Calvert-Hill is the daughter of Alice Calvert and the step-daughter of Carolyn Hill.

She has a crush on Joe McAlister since they both have obvious connections with the dome and they both have the same type of seizures.

She may be considered a twinner of Norrie Calvert.


In the TV series, Norrie was played by Mackenzie Lintz.


"Into the Fire"
"Blue on Blue"
"The Endless Thirst"
"Imperfect Circles"
"Thicker Than Water"
"The Fourth Hand"
"Let the Games Begin"
"Speak of the Devil"
"Exigent Circumstances"
"Heads Will Roll"
"Force Majeure"
"In the Dark"
"Going Home"
"The Red Door"
"The Fall"
"Black Ice"
"Go Now"
"Move On"
"But I'm Not"
"The Kinship"
"Breaking Point"
"Plan B"
"Love is a Battlefield"
"The Enemy Within"
"My New Roommate"
"Things Are Getting Cray" (mentioned)
"Dedicated to Alice" (mentioned)
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