Eleanor "Norrie" Calvert is the daughter of Joanie Calvert, the granddaughter of Ernie Calvert, and the great-granddaughter of Lucien Calvert. She is a member of the Razors, a friend of Benny Drake and Joe McClatchey, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine.

On Tuesday, October 24th, she, McClatchey, and Drake located a transmitter tower on Black Ridge that appeared to be generating the Dome around Chester's Mill. They all experienced seizures and visions, but recovered with no ill effect, and returned to McClatchey's house to inform his mother, who then informed Rusty Everett.

On Wednesday the 25th, she and her grandfather attended the resistance meeting at Piper Libby's parsonage at the First Congregational Church.


In the 2013 miniseries, Mackenzie Lintz plays Norrie Calvert-Hill, who was the daughter of Alice Calvert (deceased) and step-daughter of Carolyn Hill.


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