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Norbert Keene was the owner and operator of the Center Street Drug Store in Derry, Maine for fifty years from 1925 to 1975. He administers Eddie's asthma medication and later reveals to him that it's only a placebo.


Many years later, Mike interviews him and Mr. Keene tells him the story of the Bradley Gang, a group of outlaws who were hiding out in Maine after several bank robberies in the midwest. He tells Mike that, in 1929, a year before the fire at the Black Spot, the entire gang was murdered by Derry residents when stopping through town to buy ammunition. Mr. Keene says that rather than covering up the event, the whole town instead pretended that it never occurred, including police Chief Jim Sullivan, who even took part in the slayings. Finally, Mr. Keene mentions seeing a clown participating in the shooting, but that it was wearing farmer's attire rather than a traditional clown suit. He also points out that even though the Sun was out, the clown cast no shadow.


Pennywise later finds Eddie at the local pharmacy and proceeds to taunt him by possessing the elderly Mr. Keene and use him to tell Eddie to get out of Derry while he still could.

2017 and 2019 Adaptations

In this version of the story, Mr. Keene is the father of Greta Keene. While the boys are inside his pharmacy trying to buy some supplies to fix up Ben Hanscom's wound after his encounter with Henry Bowers, they realize they can't afford it. Beverly Marsh helps the boys by distracting Mr. Keene so they can sneak out with the supplies. Due to his behavior towards Beverly in her attempt to distract him, it is implied that he is a pedophile due to his off-putting behavior towards her. Later on in the film, as Eddie picks up his medication, it is Greta who reveals his placebos to Eddie and writes "Loser" on his broken arm cast.

Mr. Keene appears again in It Chapter Two, set in 2016, still working in the same pharmacy.



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