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No Light, No Spark is the seventh episode of the Apple TV+ adaptation of Lisey's Story. It aired on July 9, 2021.


Two years after Scott’s death, Lisey must again confront mortality. But this time, she has a plan - and it involves Boo’ya Moon.


In a flashback, Scott shows up at a book event to throngs of screaming fans. A man in the back of the crowd comes up and gives him a wand, “exactly like the one in Relics”, that he made just for Scott. He tells Scott that he changed his life. Scott keeps coughing as he walks away to his dressing room.

Scott rushes to the bathroom, while having a coughing fit. He notices blood on his hands. He unbuttons his shirt and sees an open wound, the same place where he got shot. An assistant knocks on the door and tells him they’re ready for him. All of the bathroom sinks start running water and Scott disappears. The assistant frantically knocks at the door but Scott suddenly appears behind her, as good as new. She seems confused and Scott walks out to the stage to greet his fans.

Scott starts to speak to the fans but he can’t stop coughing. His hand, which seemed temporarily healed, started bleeding again as did his gunshot wound. He pukes water all over the audience and collapses to the floor. Lisey gets a call from a doctor at the hospital where Scott was admitted. She tells Lisey to get there as soon as she possibly can.

Lisey shows up at the hospital where the doctor tells Lisey she’s never seen anything like this- wounds reopening and a virus spreading this fast. The doctor told Lisey Scott’s holding on just for her. Lisey sees Scott and tells him to go to the pool. Scott whispers “Long Boy”. He explains that he was tagged by Long Boy, through Paul, when he was a kid and when Paul attacked him. Scott tells Lisey that he tried to go to the pool but it was blocked. Scott tells Lisey he loves her and dies.

Lisey went to his funeral with her sisters. She packed up Scott’s stuff and repeated to herself “no light, no spark” as she tried to grapple with the reality that Scott was dead. In Boo'ya Moon, Scott finds a seat and sits with his hood up.

In the present, Lisey stands in Scott’s empty study and the lighthouse statue starts to light up. Her sisters walk into the house to look for her and she suddenly appears out of nowhere.

Officer Boeckman calls into the police station telling them that he’s making a stop by the Landon house because he just has a feeling he should go. He parks in front.

Lisey asks Amanda how and why she is a double, like Scott was and the afghan blanket. Amanda tells Lisey she doesn’t know. Liseys asks more about Boo’ya Moon and Amanda says she remembers the pool was beautiful and terrible. She says she doesn’t want to talk about the wrapped people on the steps. Amanda tells Lisey she remembers that Scott said something about “Lisey’s story”, but Lisey claims that no story was ever dedicated to her.

The sisters talk about their plan to get Jim to Boo’ya Moon. Jim approaches the house and sees the police car there. He shoots Officer Boeckman in the head. Jim enters the house and shuts off the electricity. Jim puts on night vision goggles.

Jim tells Lisey he can see her even though she can’t see him. Lisey starts to bait him, talking about Scott’s books. Lisey tells Jim that she knows he knew Cole, the man who shot Scott. Jim tells her to shut up. The lighthouse lights up and the light temporarily blinds Jim. Lisey chooses this as her moment and attacks him and they start to fight. Lisey calls for her sisters’ back up and they run out and attack too. Jim pushes them off and chokes Lisey, nearly killing her. He screams “No wife! Respect!” It starts to rain indoors and Lisey manages to transport the two of them to Boo’ya Moon.

In Boo’ya Moon, Jim looks around, scared and confused. Lisey gets up and gets the shovel. Jim tells Lisey, “You are just the wife, you are not an artist. You are not the poet. You were just sleeping with him.” Lisey calls out “I’m here”, trying to get the attention of the Long Boy. Jim screams that he is a prophet. The Long Boy appears and Lisey whispers “There you are.”




"I was lost in the dark and you found me."
―Scott to Lisey
"I’m the greatest camper there ever was."
―Jim Dooley