First edition paperback cover of Night Shift.

Night Shift: Excursions into Horror
 is the fifth book published by Stephen King, and his first collection of short stories. The book was released by Doubleday in February of 1978, and collected twenty short stories:

Included Works

  1. Jerusalem's Lot
  2. Graveyard Shift
  3. Night Surf
  4. I Am the Doorway
  5. The Mangler
  6. The Boogeyman
  7. Gray Matter
  8. Battleground
  9. Trucks
  10. Sometimes They Come Back
  11. Strawberry Spring
  12. The Ledge
  13. The Lawnmower Man
  14. Quitters, Inc.
  15. I Know What You Need
  16. Children of the Corn
  17. The Last Rung on the Ladder
  18. The Man Who Loved Flowers
  19. One for the Road
  20. The Woman in the Room


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