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N. (b. 1959; d. July 2007) was an accountant and amateur photographer; he was divorced with two daughters, including C.

N. suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and insomnia, which began in August of 2006 when, on a roadtrip in search of picturesque landscapes, he chanced upon a backroad that led to Ackerman's Field. There, he found a ring of seven stones with an eighth stone only visible through the viewfinder of his camera. He quickly became obsessed with the Field and the circle, which he believed to be a thin spot in the fabric of reality where monsters from other universes were attempting to break through. The eighth stone in the circle, he discovered, is removed by the human eye, weakening the protective circle keeping these monsters out; the stone must thereafter be secured in place. N. inherits the responsibility for Ackerman's Field when he recieves a key marked only "A.F.", which, he discovers, unlocks the chain that bars the road to the field.

By June of 2007, when N. begins his treatment with Dr. Bonsaint, he had developed an elaborate system of counting, touching and placing in an attempt to secure the eighth stone. His counting rituals involved the achievement of even numbers and the avoidance of odds, particularly the number 19; his touching rituals, it seems, were an attempt to lock objects in space; and his placing rituals, involving the creation of circles and diagonals, were an attempt to strengthen the barrier of the circle in Ackerman's Field from afar.

After nearly a year of protecting the Field, N. discovered that the circle is at its most unstable on the summer solstice, and is most secure on the winter solstice. In July of 2008, N. left the key to locked chain in a plastic bag in Ackerman's Field, then committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, stuffing towels under the door of his garage and running his car. His death locked the eighth stone back into place, but only temporarily as Bonsaint ventured to the Field, found the key, and inadvertantly removed the eighth stone, thus assuming responsibility for the Field and the circle.