Myra Kasprak is a character in Stephen King's IT. She is Eddie Kaspbrak's wife. They have been married for five years and have no children, whatsoever. She worked as a limousine driver before her marriage and was a work colleague of Eddie. Eddie is revealed to have been ambivalent about proposing to her. She is a reflection of Eddie's mother, as she is both obese and also inordinately anxious about Eddie’s health. In the novel, Myra tries to reason with Eddie to keep him from leaving, going so far as to blackmail him with guilt about leaving her alone. Nevertheless, Eddie departs for Derry, Maine, leaving his worried spouse behind. It is not revealed in the novel what her reaction to Eddie’s death is or how she finds out about it.

It (1990)

The 1990 TV miniseries replaced her character with Sonia instead.

It (2019)

In It: Chapter Two, she is played by the same woman who played Sonia Kaspbrak. She is seen very briefly at the start talking to Eddie on the phone, showing extremely similar behavior as Sonia, to the point were Eddie calls her "Mommy," when seeing that someone from Derry was calling.

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