Myra Evans (d. 21 Oct 2012) was the wife of Jack Evans, and a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. She lived at 379 Motton Road.

On "Dome Day" October 21st, 2012, she was in her backyard picking Blue Hubbards that she harvested. She had began to reach for one over the Motten line when the Dome came down and completely cut off her arm. Evans manages to stumble into the back doorway and pleadingly calling out her husband's name. Jack Evans had been making eggs for noontime frittatas when he saw his wife bleeding. Jack asks what happened and Myra simply said she had an accident and held out her right arm where her hand used to be. Myra said with the last of her strength "whoops" than instantly fell on the kitchen floor.

Myra Evans dies of blood loss.

Her body is taken to the Bowie Funeral Home along with the bodies of Chuck Thompson, Claudette Sanders, and Howard Perkins. Her body will remain there until after the Visitor's Day explosian and when the Dome lifts.


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