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In many of the novels and short stories written and co-written by Stephen King, there is the concept of a multiverse created by the author himself.


In the beginning, there was a magical presence known as the Prim, also referred as the "darkness behind everything", which Gan arose. When All-World was created, Gan appeared in a metaphysical form as a giant edifice known as the Dark Tower alongside six Beams that are protected by twelve Guardians.

It was said that Maturin the Turtle had a stomach ache that vomited out a universe. This universe is the location of the Keystone Earth, which is a reflection of the "real world" and also includes a fictional version of Stephen King himself. It is the location of the Rose too.

Some people have the ability to travel between universes by "going Todash", other ways are through rare artifacts like the Wizard's Rainbow, the Talisman and the Lil Pink.

Gan uses Stephen King as a facilitator to tell the tale of the Gunslinger, so Roland Deschain could successfully go about his task of reaching the Tower. If the author died before completing his task, Roland would not have "known" how to further proceed on his quest to the Tower and, without any significant remaining opposition, the Crimson King would have finally toppled the Dark Tower and initiating Discordia, the event which all universes would have ceased to exist, as there would be no story created.

Travel between universes

There are ways to travel from one universe to another by the use of magic and science.

  • Magical Doorways
  • Thinny's
  • Doorways built by NCP
  • Plumb Bobs
  • Having a twinner in another world

List of universes

Nexus of reality

Other Universes

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