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Mrs. Snell is a minor character in Carrie. She is the mother of Sue Snell and the wife of Mr. Snell.


The parents of Sue Snell are never described, only mentioned and it is implied that they approve of Sue's decision to make amends with Carrie White.

1976 Film

Eleanor Snell

Mrs. Snell is given the name Eleanor Snell in the 1976 film and is played by Priscilla Pointer.

She is a good-hearted woman, who loves her children and appears to like watching TV. She had contact with Margaret White, who makes propaganda of her beliefs, but only from a distance to get rid of her. She donates to Margaret’s cause, which annoys Margaret. Upon leaving, Margaret shouts that she prays Eleanor finds Jesus, startling Eleanor. Sue comes from behind, asking Eleanor who it was, to which Eleanor replies she didn’t hear her come home. In the aftermath of The Black Prom, Eleanor answers a call from a friend, who says she and Sue are exhausted from the media visiting them and says she will take Sue away from the town for her sake, so that she may recover.

In the last scene, she begins to realize how harmed Sue has really become because of these events through her screams, when she wakes up from a nightmare regarding Carrie White. She holds and comforts Sue, while she kicks and screams.


  • At the very end of the film when Eleanor is calming her daughter Sue Snell, Priscilla Pointer accidentally said, "AMY, IT’S ALL RIGHT!"
  • Eleanor appears in a flashback in the sequel.

Carrie (2013)


Eleanor Snell was played by Cynthia Preston in the 2013 movie.

She is the mother of Sue Snell. Like in the 1976 version, she is a good mother with good morals. She feels uncomfortable around Carrie´s mother, Margaret, but likes her dresses. When picking up Sue’s prom dress, Eleanor apologizes for her daughter´s behavior. Upon seeing her daughter’s dreas, she compliments Margaret and reminisces on her own prom, while Margaret self harms with a sewing needle. Margaret then tells Eleanor that these are godless times and leaves her, while Eleanor stares at Margaret, confused and alarmed. She is last seen on the night of prom, watching television with her husband and two daughters, looking relaxed.

In the alternate ending, she helps a pregnant Sue deal with the trauma regarding the Black Prom. After a nightmare, Eleanor comforts a screaming and kicking Sue, in an extremely similar fashion to the 1976 adaptation with the difference, that, somehow, she is more optimistic about Sue's recovery.


Eleanor Snell (1976)