Mrs. Carmody ("Mother Carmody" as she called herself) is a deeply religious woman living in Bridgton, Maine. She is the main antagonist in the novella The Mist and its 2007 film adaptation. She owned an antiques shop, which sold mounted animals and glass objects. She got caught in a supermarket with many others when a mysterious mist covered the town.


After a strange mist surrounds the small town of Bridgton, Maine, a group of people that were shopping at the Food House supermarket remain trapped inside due to strange and dangerous creatures roaming the streets while residing within this mist. Mrs. Carmody is one of the trapped people, she is a middle-aged townswoman known for being very eccentric and religious.

She soon brainwashes many of the scared people inside the supermarket to the point that many start worshipping her as a prophet of God who had divine protection.

When Private Jesse, soldier reveals the truth about the mist, that it came from experiments held at a military base in the hills to open portals to other dimensions, only as a "window" to see what lies on the other side, Mother Carmody (Mrs. Carmody) in her anger said "Well' maybe your 'window' turned out to be a door, didn't it?". She blamed the the military and their scientists typically as haughty fools for going against God & his forbidden rules of old by distrupting the laws of nature and opening dooways that are better left unopened. She even ordered Private Jesse to to be sacrificed; the people took her orders to kill Jesse and throw the young man out to the beasts. When a little group of rational people that is against Mrs. Carmody, decide to leave the supermarket and go searching for help, she attempts to stop them and give them to the monsters as sacrifice. However the assistant manager Ollie Weeks killed her, causing her horrified group to come back to reality and realize that she was not an invincible prophet as she had preached.



  • In the novella, she is believed to have a borderline reputation as a witch while maintaining an extreme belief in a bloodthirsty God. She actively thrives in the situation, starting the story as a near-pariah, and eventually convincing a large fraction of the survivors that a human sacrifice must be made to clear away the mist. She is killed when Ollie shoots her in the abdomen after attempting to have Billy and Amanda killed.
    • In the film, she was shot 2 times by Ollie Weeks.
  • In the novella, Mrs. Carmody owned an antiques shop called Bridgton Antiquary which sold glass objects and even several mounted animals that were shot and taxidermised by Mrs. Carmody's father in the late 19th - early 20th century.
  • In the film, while Mrs. Carmody was praying in the store bathroom, she spitefully turned down Amanda's attempts to comfort and befriend her for some unknown reason.
  • In the novella, an unnamed man hits and silences Mrs. Carmody, whereas in the film, it is Amanda Dumfries who slaps her.
  • In the film, she was shot 2 times by Ollie Weeks.
  • Mrs. Carmody shares the last name with real-life film producer Don Carmody.
  • She shares a similarity with Margaret White from the Stephen King book and film Carrie. They are both deeply religious.



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