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Peter Morton, best known as Mr. Morton, is a minor character in Carrie. He is the assistant principal of Ewen High School in Chamberlain, Maine.


In the novel, Mr. Morton works alongside with Mr. Grayle and Miss Desjardin.

He supports Ms. Desjardin's idea of punishing the girls for bullying Carrie White. He also mentors Ms. Desjardin because of her being in the high school for only a year. He has been at Ewen High for 20 years and has a deficiency of remembering names.

He did not attend the Prom and his fate is unknown afterwards.

1976 Film

In the 1976 film, Mr. Morton is portrayed by Stefan Gierasch.

He co-works with Ms. Collins and later comes to Carrie White's defense from the other mean girls.

He is later killed during the Black Prom when Carrie sprays the firehose into the microphone where he and Mr. Fromm were speaking on, electrocuting them both.

2002 Film

In the 2002 version he was played by Laurie Murdoch.

2013 Film

In Carrie (2013) he was portrayed by Barry Shabaka Henley.


  • In all the films adaptations, Mr. Morton is the principal instead of the assistant principal.


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