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Mr. Jingles is a mouse in the The Green Mile. Both the guards and the prisoners become attached to the mouse. When Percy Wetmore kills him by crushing him with his boots, John Coffey resurrects him. Paul Edgecomb takes care of him since. Some sixty-three years after the events recounted by Paul Edgcomb, Mr. Jingles is still alive, leading Paul to wonder how much longer he will continue to live.

Quote (from the movie by the same name)

"I think Mr. Jingles happened by accident. I think when we electrocuted Del, and it all went so badly... well, John can feel that you know... and I think a part of... whatever magic was inside of him just lept through my tiny friend here. As for me, John had to give me a part of himself; a gift the way he saw it, so that I could see for myself what Wild Billy had done. When John did that; when he took my hand, a part of the power that worked through him spilled into me. Elaine Connelly: He... what? He infected you with life? Old Paul Edgecomb: That's as good a word as any. He infected us both, didn't he, Mr. Jingles? With life. I'm a hundred and eight years old, Elaine. I was forty-four the year that John Coffey walked the Green Mile. You mustn't blame John. He couldn't help what happened to him... he was just a force of nature. Oh I've lived to see some amazing things Elly. Another century come to past, but I've... I've had to see my friends and loved ones die off through the years... Hal and Melinda... Brutus Howell... my wife... my boy. And you Elaine... you'll die too, and my curse is knowing that I'll be there to see it. It's my atonement you see; it's my punishment, for letting John Coffey ride the lightning; for killing a miracle of God. You'll be gone like all the others. I'll have to stay. Oh, I'll die eventually, that I'm sure. I have no illusions of immortality, but I will wished for death... long before death finds me. In truth, I wish for it already."
―Old Paul Edgecomb

Beyond the Grave - Faded Limes

           Where ya' ask? Murineville, Louisiana. Not far from this place.

           While ago, I overheard Paul talkin' 'bout how I got here to begin with. Guess we were in some accident. Paul said I got infected. But I'd like to think there are no accidents. Things happen for a reason. Way God meant them to.

           Now, I don't remember much of my youth. Just flashes mostly. Flashes of color and sound and light. Kinda like drivin' down a road and lookin' out the window. Everything whizzn' by in one big blur. Just flashes. Blue. Black. Red. Mostly green. Miles and miles a green. Like faded limes, or a meadow that goes on forever. Turned out, it was my backyard the hull time.

           Gawd, seems so long ago.

           Father Time has a way of doin' that, ya' know? Slippin' by like clouds passing over a sunny day. Creeps at first, then he steamrolls. It's kinda like a person's past. Can't outrun it. Always catches up with you whether ya' wanna it to or not.    

           And all those years kinda' makes me tired just to think of. Tired and lonely.

           A friend a mine, John, he used to say, "loneliness is like a sparrow sittin' in the rain just waitin' for something important to come along." Only it never does. Ya' just get wet.

           Now I've seen a lotta hurt in my time. Lotta hurt. But I've seen my share of laughter and love as well. Believe or not, this old body used to work in a circus, a travelin' circus. Physical tricks mostly. I'd roll or jump around or stare at the crowd and make faces. They'd smile and laugh and it made me feel good. Real good. Almost normal.

           It was then I realized something. I realized we're all family, people that is. Laughter and love can do that. Reminds us we're all connected. Boy, could I make people laugh! I thought their guts'd split sometimes. Guess it's what I was born to do, make people smile and laugh. Maybe, that's my debt in life?

           Ya see that same friend, John, I told ya' 'bout, he used to say we all owe life a debt. Or maybe he said we owe each other? Don't remembers well as I used to. But I do recall what he said next, word-for-word. "That's how it is."

           Either way, he's right. Treat people like ya' wanna be treated.

           I remember a girl. Name was Melinda. Had dreams about her. Ya' wanna hear somethin' strange? We never actually met. Sounds impossible doesn't it? I feel crazy just sayin' it, to meet someone only in your imagination. But the dreams were as real as the chair I'm sittin' in right now.

           Visions always start out dark with a terrible feeling of emptiness. Despair and hatred hang thick in the air like gnats swarmin' a glass of sour wine. And just when all hope seems lost, a blinding light hits your eyes like a million suns. But the strangest thing is, it don't hurt one bit. In fact, whatever ails you is gone. Gone with the light.

           When it dims just enough and you can see, all the pain and hate is burnt away. That's when I see her. She's dressed in white, with long blonde hair. She looks like an angel. She is an angel. Just like my best friend Del.

           'Scuse me a second. Paul, that you?

           "Open up. I forgot my keys."

           Boy's memory is gettin' worse all the time. Can you get the door for me? My legs are bothering me again.

           "Mr. Jingles, hurry up! I've gotta pee."

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