"Ah, come on, Mr. Casey! I ain't been doing nothing."
―Moochie claiming innocence

Peter "Moochie" Welch is a member of Buddy Repperton's gang in the novel and film Christine.


In the novel, Moochie is a squarish, strong character, much like Reginald "Belch" Huggins in It. He is myopic and has bad teeth. He is seen in a fight with Arnie and Buddy. Afterwards, he along with the others trash Christine, leaving her ruined. It is revealed that he has no car and always gets a lift. While coming back from a rock concert, he was attacked and brutally killed by Christine. He was run over several times by her, in fact about twenty times, according to Detective Rudolph Junkins, who was investigating the case.


In the film, Moochie is played by Malcolm Danare and is less intimidating than in the book: While still squarish and fat, he is much shorter than the rest of his friends and his build more resembles that of Reginald "Belch" Huggins from It: Chapter One. He also lacks bad teeth and myopia. He is seen in the school fight and later is involved in trashing Christine, in which after stabbing her seats with a knife, he then takes out the radio by smashing it with a hammer. In a deleted scene, Moochie is shown to have been the one to have defacated on the dashboard. Afterwards, he shows his tough character by threatening to kill Arnie, whom he belives to be driving Christine while chasing him, when he draws his knife and says, "You're a dead man now." These turn out to be his last words because at that point, Christine drives into the alley and crushes him to death.

While it wasn't seen onscreen, when Detective Junkins interrogates Arnie over the death; it's mentioned that Moochie was found bisected and that one half of him had to be scraped with a shovel.

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