Monica Jones is character in The Rage: Carrie 2, played by Rachel Blanchard.


She was a student of Bates High School and the equivalent of Tina Blake and the late Norma Watson. She was the best friend of Tracy Campbell and boyfriend of Mark Bing, and dislikes Rachel Lang.

At Tracy's request she, together with the cheerleaders and football team members, did set Rachel up at the party, that Mark Bing did organize to celebrate the success of the football team, because she wanted to have Jesse Ryan back for Tracy. She also did spit on her during the humilitation.

Rachel's humiliation is what causes The Black Party massacre at her boyfriend's house. Monica is one of the last to be slaughtered and killed after Rachel angrily shattered her glasses like a bathroom mirror, which caused the shards to stab her in the eyes and the speed of the flying ordinance lodging themselves deep into her brain. Before she dies, she wildly swings about in reflex to the pain and sensory overload, before mistakenly jamming her harpoon gun into Eric Stark's crotch and firing it, castrating him and killing him.


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