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Monette is the ex-husband of Barbara Monette and the father of Kelsie Ann Monette; he is a traveling book-seller.

Monette once picked up a hitchhiker on the freeway while traveling to Derry, Maine. Believing the man to be deaf and mute, Monette ranted about his wife's infidelity and criminality before stopping at for a bathroom break; upon returning to the car, Monette found the man gone, and his St. Christopher's Medal gone from his rearview mirror. Two days later, Monette learned from the Maine State Police that his wife and her boyfriend had been beaten to death in the Grove Motel, and Monette returned home from Presque Isle to find his St. Christopher's Medal next to his and Barbara's wedding photo with a note reading: "Thanks for the ride."

He later visited a church and spoke with a priest regarding his guilt in the matter.


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