Molly Anderson is played by Debrah Farentino in Storm of the Century.


She was the wife of Mike Anderson and the mother of Ralph Anderson. She also acts as the teacher of the children of the island in the only childcare facility that exists there.

The actions of André Linoge scared her so much, she passionately decided to play along with the town´s decision to hand Linoge one of the eight children he had in his grasp.In the following lottery one of the children was given to Linoge, which turned out to be hers. She betrayed her husband on the way, who saw this as a monstrosity. He divorces her for that. After the storm she went into therapy only to come to the conclusion, that the wound of the loss of her son and of her husband will never heal and that he was right in his decision to divorce her.

She married the deputy of her husband after his wife died because of a strange heart attack (her heart stopped, because of her inability to deal with what happened). This marriage gives him and her comfort and the strength to go on, but nothing more.

Nine years later she says goodbye to both of them by going to the stone, where all those who died are written, among them her own son, under the watch of Hutch and his daughter, who are still afraid, Linoge might come back.


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