Misery Chastain is a fictional character in a successful series of romance novels, created by author Paul Sheldon. The books about Misery are set in Victorian-era England, and Annie Wilkes claims there are eight of them.  

The books center around a love triangle involving Misery as well as two other men named Ian and Geoffrey (called Winthorne in the film).

Misery Chastain books in the novel

Misery Chastain books in the film

  • Misery's Quest
  • Misery's Search
  • Misery's Challenge
  • Misery's Trial
  • Misery's Triumph
  • Misery's Dilemma
  • Misery's Love
  • Misery's Child


  • At the end of the film, Paul's agent tells him that for "the first time" he has "a shot at some prizes" with his first post-Misery book, suggesting that none of the Misery novels ever won a prize. However, at the beginning of the film, she reveals that the books made good money nonetheless, as the profits went towards Paul's daughter's braces and college tuition, as well as two houses and floor seats to the Knicks.


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