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Mike Enslin is the author of the successful Ten Nights in Ten Haunted... series. He appears in the short story 1408 and its film adaptation, where he is portrayed by John Cusack.


Once a smoker, Enslin quit after his brother died of lung cancer. However, he does carry a cigarette around everywhere he goes by placing it above his ear, just in case a nuclear bomb should be dropped, so he could enjoy one last smoke. Enslin is a skeptic on ghosts, but nonetheless pretends to believe so he can stay in supposedly haunted places and make a bunch of money by writing the lucrative Ten Nights in Ten Haunted.... book series.

He retired from writing after a harrowing encounter in room 1408 of the Hotel Dolphin, traumatized by the supernatural experience.



  • In an alternative ending to the film, Mike dies inside the room fire and his funeral was attended by many people, including the hotel manager and his ex-wife. As the hotel manager gets in his car, he sees Mike’s burnt corpse before looking and it turns out the corpse wasn’t there. Mike is last seen smoking inside the burnt ruins of 1408 before leaving when his daughter calls for him, disappearing.
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