Mike Anderson is played by Tim Daly in The Storm of the Century.


Mike Anderson was the Constable of Little Tall Island in the 1999 TV miniseries Storm of the Century. He also owned a shop there, which provided food for the island. He tried to fight André Linoge, but he was too powerful. When Linoge demanded a child, it was Mike's son who was picked through a lottery. Mike then divorces his wife, Molly Anderson, and leaves the island. He moved to San Francisco and never returned.

Several years later, Mike sees his son and Linoge in San Francisco. He calls out to his son and they stop to look back at him. His son bares his fangs at him and then they turn and walk away. This only strenghtens his resolve to never return to Little Tall Island.

The story is narrated by Mike. He says, "In this life we all have to pay a price and sometmes with all we have".



Storm of the Century

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