Mike Anderson is played by Tim Daly in The Storm of the Century.


He is the Constable of Little Tall Island in the TV miniseries Storm of the Century. He is the constable and also owns a shop there, which provides food for the placce. He is the only one, who has the guts and integrity to fight André Linoge, but fails, because he is too powerful and the townspeople too scared and corrupt. When Linoge demands a child, it is Mike's that gets picked through a lottery. This causes Mike to divorce his wife Molly Anderson, who supported this, and to leave the town that endorsed this. He moves to San Francisco and never returned. He became a federal agent. He only has distant contact wth the town, but only to find out about the aftermath of this event, which, as he foresaw, is not good. Several years after these events, Mike sees his son and Linoge in San Francisco again. He calls out to his son and they stop to look back at him. His son then makes eye-contact with him and bares his teeth to him; they are fangs, showing that he is no longer the son he knew and that he is no longer human. He then goes away, implying his wish never to see him again, while Mike is also not able to do anything about it. This confrontation only strenghtens his resolve never to return to Little Tall Island and to his previous life.

The entire story is told by him after he has experienced all of this. He clearly says, that in this life we all have to pay a price and sometmes, like him, with all he has. He also clearly implies, that his previous life in Little Tall island is over and has now only become a memory for him, condemned to disappear in time.



Storm of the Century

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