Micah is played by Ryan Bollmann in Children of the Corn II. Micah is posessed by He Who Walks Behind the Rows and becomes the leader of the cult after Isaacs death.

In the Film 

Micah is first discovered with all the other cult children when folks from Hemingford, Nebraska take them in after the events in the previous film. He is taken in by Angela Casual who owns a bed and breakfast in Hemingford. Later that evening, the children return to the cornfield where Micah is possessed by He Who Walks Behind the Rows, the demonic entity the cult worships.

When John Garrett appears to investigate, what happened regarding Gaitlin. Under Micah's leadership, The cult begin to murder the townspeople one by one all driven by the corruption of the people in Hemingford. Finally they kill the rest of the adults.

The children then kidnap Angela and Lacey and bring them out into the cornfield where they are pressuring a confused Danny to join them in sacrificing Lacey. John arrives along with Frank Red Bear who is driving the harvester. One of the children shoots Frank with an arrow, wounding him. Danny and John free Lacey and Angela and attempt to escape but the cornfield seemingly never ends and they shortly return to where they started.

Micah, angered by Danny's refusal and they attempted escape, begins to harness the power of He Who Walks Behind the Rows to sacrife them all. Before he is able to kill them all Frank, with his last amount of life, restarts the harvester. Micah's robe gets caught in the machine, as he calls for help. Micah's face transforms, first into the demon that possessed him, then back to himself again. Danny runs in to help him but is too late. Micah is pulled in by the harvester and killed. The rest of the children scatter, and Danny, Angela, Lacey, and John leave the Cornfield.

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