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Melvin Searles (d. 27 Oct 2012) is a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine. He is friends with Junior Rennie, Frank DeLesseps, and Carter Thibodeau.

On 20 October 2012, he and his friends beat up Dale Barbara in the parking lot of Dipper's Roadhouse, leading to Barbara's attempted exodus from Chester's Mill. The next day, Jim Rennie, Andy Sanders and Andrea Grinnell agreed to offer Searles, as well as Junior, DeLesseps and Thibodeau, jobs as temporary police officers.

The four of them, along with Georgia Roux, were sworn in the next morning as Special Deputies, and worked security at the joint protest/prayer-group held in the field of Dinsmore's farm that afternoon. Later that night, he, Searles, and Thibodeau raped Samantha Bushey in her trailer while Roux watched.

After they left Bushey bleeding on the floor, the next morning they were all called in by Randolph to evacuate people on the edges of the town in different sectors. The military were planning on launching a bomb that could potentially destroy the Dome but could possibly kill a few people near the blast radius. Searles and Thibodeau evacuated people from a sector, including the Holy Redeemer Church.

That night Searles was drinking sodas on the PD steps with his friends, DeLesseps, Thibodeau, Roux, and Freddy Denton. When Reverand Piper Libby walked by the steps; she was still angry about what they did to Sammy Bushey after she drove her to the hospital, Searles greeted her saying hello with a smile. That made her angrier and she approached the steps and shoved Searles into Roux. She then threatened them of knowing what they did to Bushey. Searles and the others quickly denied the accusation as Denton tried to calm her down. She kept pushing at them. Thibodeau finally pushed her down the steps. Searles witnessed Piper Libby's dog attacking Thibodeau and wounding him in the shoulder, he also saw when Denton finally shot the dog dead. Randolph heard the commotion and told them all to go inside to the chief's office.

Searles stood outside the office with DeLesseps looking worried as Thibodeau, Roux, and Denton talked with Jim Rennie, Randolph, and Barbie as Rusty Everett treated Thibodeau's injured shoulder.

Rennie said they all had to talk to an inspecter tonight about the story of them raping Samantha Bushey. Searles and his friend's than spoke to Rennie about the meteor shower that was going to happen that night. He said it was just a way of God saying hello. Searles made a remark that it looked like the end of the world but Rennie simply stated he was saved by God.

The next day they all met with Rennie, Randolph and the inspecter. They all looked worried. While they made up a story of Bushey getting drunk and that she invited them all over for a few drinks Searles made an inappropriate joke with which Rennie flinched at. When they all finished their parts of the story Rennie let them off with only a warning. They were even able to keep their jobs. But Rennie also told them they had to guard Food City tomorrow morning and that there will be a mob because they had to save the last rations of food they had, and if one of them fires their firearms into the crowd they will lose their jobs. Searles and the others nodded their heads, saying they understood, and walked out of the inspection office.

When a small crowd started forming outside the market Searles and Denton drove over in police vehicle Four, while Frankie drove his own car and Thibodeau and Roux drove in Two. Searles stood next to DeLesseps in the front of the market. The moment when the owner of the market; Jack Cale, came out and exclaimed he is going to write a complaint to Rennie Searles couldn't stop a grin. Someone shouted out and pointed at Searles, DeLesseps, Thibodeau, and Roux shouting that they were the ones who raped Samantha Bushey. Searles and the others shouted back and saying that it was a lie. A woman; Velma Winter, barged through them all and started banging on the market doors. Searles and DeLesseps pushed her back in the crowd. She began to chant for them to open the doors, which started the riot. More cops showed up near the entrance to back up Searles and the other cops. Searles also punches the nurse Ginny Tomlinson in the face for getting too close.

"Sloppy" Sam Verdraux, the drunk of Chester's Mill, showed up moments later still angry at the young cops for stopping the sale of alcohol. He picked up a rock and threw it, sending it into Georgia Roux's mouth and shattering all her teeth. Soon a second rock was thrown from one of the Killian brothers and missed the cops completely and knocking out the janitor Bill Allnut. A third rock was thrown by Randall and it strikes Searles in the forehead.

Searles wakes up in the end of the riot when everyone is inside the market getting the food. Frank DeLesseps helps him to the other cops, he is bleeding from his split forehead and had to be sent to the hospital. He stayed until all the shoplifters went however. Him and the other cops rushed some people and took their groceries. Searles grabbed groceries from Al Timmons and kicked him to the ground with Peter Randolph laughing. After that he goes to the hospital.

Searles leaves the hospital with a huge bandage rapped around his head. When Junior and the other cops arrest Dale Barbara for the killings of the people that Jim Rennie and his son killed which includes Angie McCaine, Dodee Sanders, Lester Coggins, and Brenda Perkins Searles hides in police vehicle Four while they bring Barbie to the station. Searles jumps out the car when they arrive and assaults Barbie, screaming that he was a murderer and blaming him for the cut on his head. Linda Everett was able to break up the scuffle with Melvin and Barbie.

Later on that night Searles came down to Barbie's cell. He woke Barbie up whistling, when Barbie awoke he pissed inside his jail cell and told him to drink his evening water. Barbie asked if something was burning and Searles told him it was the newspaper building and implied it was Barbie's followers that did it. After he told him that he went back upstairs.

Freddy Denton told Searles later on to go to the hospital with Rupe Libby because Frank DeLesseps and Georgia Roux had been shot dead by Samantha Bushey. He goes to the hospital with Rupe and checks out the bodies. It is unclear how Searles reaction was but he is obviously devastated over the loss of two of his friends. Later on Rose comes into the police station to give Barbie a couple of BLT's. Searles spotted her and offered to bring it to him himself. Rose said she wanted to do it. Searles protested at first, than gave in. It is learned that Searles is affectionate in Rose. She got to go down but Searles said he had to hand it to Barbie. Rose and Barbie talked a little and finally Searles ended their conversation by telling Rose she had to go back upstairs. She went back upstairs with Searles and he had no idea she was giving Barbie a message. After she thanked Searles upstairs he said she's welcome but told her she won't be able to do it again because Rennie was going to execute Barbie the coming week. After Rose left he remained at the station.

The next morning Searles is eating breakfast at Rose's with Jim Rennie, Peter Randolph, Carter Thibodeau, and Freddy Denton. Rennie is discussing the plans for the upcoming "Visitors Day". After Rennie finishes complaining about the Bowie brothers not being able to make it and of the three suicides including the Freemans and Sherry Dinsmore, he talks about raiding the WCIK radio building to get the propane. He says they need to send Searles, Randolph, Denton, the Killian brothers, the Bowie brothers, and others there because he says Andy Sanders and Phil Bushey are guarding the propane and are potentially working for Dale Barbara in a drug operation. He also says that his son Junior is also working for Barbie. Searles exclaims he could not believe this but Rennie persisted, saying the doctors found him having drugs in his system from a drug overdose. After they finish talking about the raid on the station they talk of other matters while they finish breakfast. Searles is behind stage during Jim Rennie's speech to the town. When Third Selectman Andrea Grinnell made an accusation Rennie told Searles to get Thibodeau and other officer to get her out of the meeting. When Searles was about to go though officer Henry Morrison stops him and implies that he let her finish since she is the third selectman. Searles does not know what to do because Rennie was looking away from him at that moment. He then tries to go again and this time was able to leave without Morrison knowing. But before Searles could get Thibodeau and other officers to help him he heard someone in the crowd shouting that Grinnell had a gun. He also heard Thibodeau screaming gun. So Searles immediately reacted and with careless aim he fired the first shot. He did not come near Grinnell and instead shot at the floor in front of the girlfriend of Thurston Marshal, Carolyne Sturges. It strikes the wooden floor and a splinter gets her right beneath the eye from Searles's shot. He witnessed Thibodeau killing both Sturges and Grinnell and helped get Rennie out of the room.

When they were outside Denton yelled to Searles that they had to go to the station. He said there was a prison break to get Barbie out of jail. So he and Denton got to the station only to be confronted by Romeo Burpee. Searles and Denton told him to put the gun down when Jackie Wettington snuck behind them with another gun. Searles and Denton dropped their weapons and were led downstairs by Burpee and Wettington. Both of them saw the body of Junior Rennie and Searles told them that they would pay for this. Burpee led them both to a cell and locked them both inside so him and Wettington could escape. They were both freed by Carter Thibodeau when him Rennie and all the other cops arrived.

The next afternoon on October 27 during Visitors Day, Searles is driving the second truck behind the lead truck to the WCIK radio station. He is with Freddy Denton, Marty Arsenault, George Frederick, Stubby Norman, and Lauren Conree. When they get to the perimeter of the station in the tree line the two trucks pull over. Searles asked Denton if they should give Sanders a chance to surrender since he is a selectman. Denton replies if they surrender they can capture them but if they don't they have to kill them. So Searles goes with Denton and the others toward the outer edge of the station. When they get to a big truck they were about to check it out if anyone is hiding behind it when Phil Bushey comes out shooting. He kills Marty Arsenault, Stubby Norman, Lauren Conree, George Frederick, and Freddy Denton.

Searles is the only survivor and runs off towards the tree line back to the trucks. He was at the clearing and running to the trucks when the only other survivor; Aubrey Towle, came out and grabbed him. He told Searles he was going back to kill Bushey and Sanders. Searles; thinking Towle was crazy, said good luck and was going to the trucks again when Towle grabbed him a second time. He told Searles he wasn't going anywhere. Screaming from Randolph's group was heard on the other side of the station. Searles told Towle he was crazy for wanting to go back there. Towle simply stated he was going to cover him or he was going to shoot him. Searles of course aggreed.

When Towle started running toward where Bushey was Searles was firing from the tree line. He witnesses Towle going to the back of the truck where Bushey was hiding and wounding him but was killed by Sanders from behind. Searles hesitantly walks to the truck. He peeks behind and saw Sanders and Bushey kissing. Searles begins to laugh and says with his last words, "hey lovefags, get a room. Oh wait, I got a better idea, get a room in hell!" Searles opens fire with his gun and kills Bushey and Sanders but the callapsed bodies pressed against a can opener which was really the trigger to tons of C4 Bushey planted in the station.

Searles is killed instantly in the explosion and is the first of many to die on that day.