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Marty Coslaw is a character in Cycle of the Werewolf and Silver Bullet and a resident of Tarker's Mill, Maine. He from Slavic descent and handicapped to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He is Catholic along with his family.


He described to be loved by most people due to been handicapped. He was upset that the Fourth of July was cancelled due to been his Fourth after watching other children pull sleds in January. He feels that due to the fact of been crippled it made him have nothing to do and see fourth of July as something to look forward to. He didn't believed in werewolves or any supernatural creatures and thought they were just part of horror movies. He though it was just a serial killer who killed during full moon. He tends to like taking rides with his Uncle Al in fast speed of 70 or 80 miles per hour in his Mercedes.



He was upset that the Fourth of July was cancelled which his mother responded "Don't be foolish". His father spoke in a Big Pal voice that next year it would be twice as good, while his sister Kate was delighted to see Marty not get what he wants. His grandfather told him that it was the fireworks that were cancel not the holiday. Marty remembered the reason was due to the werewolf in which he initially didn't believe to exist but simply the Full Moon Killer. He told his uncle about his disappointment which his uncle led to bring to his car to give him a package of fireworks. After everyone when to sleep, he decided to sneak out the house to light all the fireworks until the werewolf appeared to attack him. He, in self defense, threw the packet of firecrackers in the face of the werewolf. The sound made his family wake up except his grandfather. The next day, he was send to visit his Uncle Jim and Aunt Ida in order to avoid the Full Moon Killer again recommended by the police.
He returned to Tarker's Mill the day after Labor Day. He keep watch of an one-eyed man; since he is a catholic, it took him almost sixty day until Halloween, in his costume, to discover the real identity of the werewolf.
He decide to write letters to Lowe that were unsigned and without any salutation. One of the letter's had the message, "Why don't you kill yourself?", in which he wrote in a lined notepad.
He told his uncle Al that he sent notes to Lester Lowe and signed the last two. The reason he signed the last two notes was to prove or to find out if he was wrong. Since Lowe didn't take action to call his parents or him about the blackmail notes, Marty realized that Lowe wants to kill during the next full moon in December. He begs his uncle to make him two silver bullets and come in New Year's Eve to kill Lowe. When Lowe shows up in his werewolf form to kill Marty, Marty shoots him in the other eye.


Marty is a paraplegic and is usually in a wheelchair. Marty is attacked by Lester Lowe, who transformed into a werewolf, on the night of the 4th of July. He is able to defend himself with fireworks that his Uncle Al gave him. He throws a bag of fireworks into Lowe's face, destroying his left eye. Marty survives the encounter and discovers that the only person in Tarker's Mill that is missing their left eye is Lowe. He proceeds to send Lowe letters telling him to commit suicide. He convinces his Uncle Al to give him his confirmation spoon, which Marty and Al melt down to make silver bullets.

Marty is attacked by Lowe again on New Year's Eve and is able to shoot Lowe twice. He shoots Lowe's right eye, blinding him completely and the second shot manages to kill him. Marty's family then runs into their living room to find Marty holding a gun and Lowe's corpse transforming back to human form.