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Marcy Maitland is a character from The Outsider and its 2020 adaptation. She is the wife of Terry Maitland, who was accused of gruesomely murdering and penetrating an eleven-year-old boy named Frankie Peterson.


When Terry was arrested, Marcy was shocked, upset and furious and stood by Terry. She witnessed Terry get shot by Frankie's brother Ollie and was distraught by the ordeal. She acted coldly towards Ralph Anderson and refused to talk to him until Ralph told her that Terry might not of committed the crime. After Ralph and Holly Gibney killed The Outsider, she was distraught again by Howie Gold and Alec Pelley's death. With the help of Jeannie Anderson, she was able to cope with Terry's death and move on.

TV adaptation

In the TV adaptation, Marcy is similar to her book counterpart but is renamed Gloria. She stands by Terry when he is accused of murder and is distraught when Terry is shot and killed by Ollie. She acted cold towards Ralph and was reluctant to help him with his case.