"Manhunt" is the third episode of Under the Dome, airing on CBS on 8 July 2013.

The episode was written by Adam Stein and directed by Paul Edwards.


At a "recharge" party at Joe’s house, Carter acts like a jerk, and Big Jim and Barbie search for Randolph.

"Chester's Mill is a place like any other. At least it used to be. Until we were cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious Dome. Invisible; indestructible; inescapable. We don't know where it came from or why it's here, but now that we're all trapped under the dome together, none of our secrets are safe."
Julia Shumway

Later on the night of Freddy Denton's death, Ben skateboards at a local skatepark that was partially severed by the Dome, while Joe McAlister watches his recording of Fred's death on his cellphone. On the road, Julia Shumway and Dale Barbara drive to the police station, arriving to witness Linda Esquivel delivering Paul Randolph to the town's jail. When a man hurls a beer bottle at Randolph, Jim Rennie invokes his status as the town's remaining councilman in an attempt to keep the peace, instructing the townspeople to return to their homes. At the skatepark, Joe is approached by Norrie, who convinces Joe to let her charge her cellphone off his generator, as well as staying at his house while she is stuck in Chester's Mill. At the police department, Linda locks Randolph in a cell even as Randolph insists that it was the Dome that killed Denton. Randolph hyperventilates until Linda enters the cell to check on him, and Randolph attacks her, taking her gun and locking her in the cell. He insists that the Dome is going to kill them all if the townspeople don't kill him first, then flees from the building.

Later that morning at the Rennie residence, Rennie confronts Junior about his absence during the Perkins housefire, insisting that the appearance of the Dome is an opportunity that must not be squandered. Rennie then notices the bruises on Junior's face, and Junior admits that Barbie beat him while claiming that Barbie is "totally insane"; Jim simply tells his son to "tough up now, Junior." In the Rennie's fallout shelter, Angie manages to tune in WYBS on a portable radio and hears Phil Bushey discuss the Perkins housefire, but hides the device as Junior arrives with a tray of food. She ingores him even as he tells her that she is only angry because of the Dome, claiming that everything will go back to normal once they "get out from under this thing"; Angie asks if anyone has attempted to go under the barrier, suggesting the abandoned tunnels beneath the town's cement factory. As Angie appears to soften to Junior, he leaves. At the Chester's Mill Clinic, Rennie visits with Lester Coggins, demanding to know why the Reverend burned Duke's house to the ground. Coggins claims only that the evidence of the propane purchases has been destroyed, and Rennie reminds him that they must "trust each other" because they are now the only two people who know of "this drug business." Rennie then instructs Coggins to return his mortuary in order to deal with Fred's body. On the street, Julia and Barbie discuss the likelihood of Barbie being in Chester's Mill on the day that the Dome descended, as well as Julia's reasons for returning to her husband's hometown. Julia then spots Phil and offers to introduce Barbie to the DJ, but Barbie opts instead to head into town for lunch. At the police department, Rennie arrives to release Linda from the cell, and Linda explains that Randolph escaped; Rennie tries to stop Linda from pursuing Paul, but after collecting supplies, Linda tells Rennie that while she knows he likes to control things, he cannot control her. She storms out of the police department to head for Randolph's hunting grounds in Black Ridge Woods, leaving Rennie behind. At the Sweetbriar Rose, Barbie eats while Ollie and Roger discuss the Dome, and Rose Twitchell asks Carolyn Hill if she has found Norrie yet. Carolyn admits that she has not, and asks Ollie and Roger if they have seen the teenager; Ollie makes opprobrious and snide remarks about the nature of Carolyn and Alice's relationship, and Carolyn admits that her family was only passing through Chester's Mill on their way to drop Norrie off at a "nearby private school." Ollie asks if Carolyn believes that "the girl's reformatory" can "pray the gay out of her," but Rose intervenes, escorting Carolyn away before she winds up in altercation with Ollie. At the WYBS station headquarters, Julia reports on the Dome before Phil turns back to the music, and Julia spots Junior through a window passing by the building. Phil suggests that Junior, as the councilman's son, might have an "inside scoop," and Julia rushes outside, but Junior dismisses her questions and walks off. At the Sweetbriar Rose, Barbie talks with Rose, who laments Angie's absence and admits that she knows he's staying at Julia's house. Moments later, Rennie arrives to announce Randolph's escape and to recruit "any able-bodied men" to join a search party; Roger and Ollie volunteer, and Rennie approaches Barbie, introducing himself and learning Dale's nickname before spotting the scabs on Barbie's knuckles. Rennie lists off Randolph's substantial military experience before asking if Barbie will join the search party or not.

On the Black Ridge, Randolph flees through the forest. On the road, Rennie spots Randolph's squad car near the edge of the woods, and he, Barbie, Roger and Ollie empty to search the area. Rennie spots what he believes to be Randolph's trail, but Barbie insists that Rennie has found a dummy trail; Barbie then shows Rennie a much more obscure trail, and Rennie orders the search party to pursue Barbie's lead. At the abandoned cement factory, Junior pries a door open and heads inside while Julia follows him into the facility. Inside, Junior descends a flight of steps, with Julia in his wake. On the Black Ridge, Linda heads into the woods alone while Randolph flees through the forest. At the McAlister residence, Joe plugs Norrie's cellphone into an outlet, and the two discuss the absence of Joe's parents until Ben arrives with a pair of girls from the skatepark who ask to use Joe's generator to charge their cellphones. Ben admits that he mentioned the McAlister's generator "to a few people" despite "the advisories-to-stay-inside thing." At the abandoned cement factory, Junior descends further into the facility while Julia follows him. On the Black Ridge, the search party moves through the forest, and Barbie admits to Rennie that he served in the military as "a grunt." Moments later, Roger spots Randolph and the search team moves into position; Roger makes enough noise to alert Randolph, who opens fire, shooting Roger in the knee before fleeing into the woods. Rennie orders Ollie to take Roger back to town, and tells Barbie that the two of them will have to take down Randolph alone. At the abandoned cement factory, Junior reaches the lowest tunnel and believes that he's "found a way out." Behind him, Julia witnesses as he walks straight into the invisible barrier; he drops his flashlight, and Julia reveals herself to stop him from picking it up moments before it explodes. Junior threatens that she shouldn't have followed him.

Julia claims to have followed Junior in the hopes that he'd find a way out, and Junior beats futilely against the barrier, screaming that he hates it. Finally he collapses on the floor, telling Julia that the tunnels are unsafe, but Julia explains that she wrote a story once on coal miners trapped underground during which she learned that striking a match will reveal the direction of airflow in a tunnel. She then strikes a match, and invites Junior to "go home." On the Black Ridge, Linda is momentarily startled by a wild pig. At the McAlister residence, dozens of teenagers charge their electronic devices off Joe's generator (one of them watching The Simpsons Movie, which Ben claims predicted the Dome) before Carter, a former boyfriend of Angie's, arrives with alcohol. Ben claims that having a house to himself will make Joe the coolest kid in town, and suggests that Norrie has a certain affection for Joe. In the abandoned cement factory, Julia leads Junior through the tunnels before he sits against a wall, insisting that he "just wanted to do something good today." He insists that "a man doesn't screw up," but Julia claims that everyone screws up, and explains that she wound up back in Chester's Mill after publishing bribery allegations against a mayoral candidate in Chicago based on forged documents. She insists, however, that she will never make that mistake again, and strikes another match. At the McAlister residence, Carter has commandeered the charging station, attempting to extort "five bucks for five minutes." Joe considers intervening, but Norrie steps in, suggesting that Carter go back to his own house; Carter suggests going upstairs with Norrie instead, but Joe intervenes, ordering Carter to leave. Carter refuses and threatens Joe, but just then the generator overloads and the teenagers begin filtering out of the house. Carter warns Joe that "this ain't even close to over, Scarecrow," and leaves. In the abandoned cement factory, Julia leads Junior through the tunnels, and Junior insists that the Dome appeared when Barbie arrived in town; he shows Julia his bruises, claiming that that Barbie "attacked [him] out of the blue" because Barbie is "a psychopath," and insisting that Dale "has to answer some questions." Moments later, Julia's last match goes out as the pair arrive at the steps to the surface; back outside, Julia offers to give Junior a ride back to his house. On the Black Ridge, Barbie suggests returning to town and starting again the next day, but Rennie insists that they must "finish this." Barbie questions Rennie's motives, and Rennie tells Barbie about an incident in high school in which Rennie, playing cornerback for the football team, was taunted by a wideout who called him "Big Jim" as a joke until Rennie tackled him so hard that he shattered his pelvis. Rennie suggests that an example must be made of Randolph to command the town's respect, but moments later Randolph gets the drop on the pair, holding Rennie at gunpoint while Barbie holds Randolph at gunpoint. Randolph orders Barbie to drop his weapon, but is shot in the back by Linda before he can shoot Rennie.

Later that night, Rennie, Barbie and Linda return to Coggins' mortuary with Randolph's body; while Barbie and Linda are inside, Rennie confirms that Coggins is clean. Rennie then sends Barbie back to the car, and privately apologizes to Linda for questioning her, suggesting that she made Duke proud. He then promises to get her more deputies before naming her Acting Sheriff of Chester's Mill. On the road, Julia agrees to keep the incident in the tunnels secret, and Junior asks her to call him James. At the Rennie residence, Julia and Junior arrive as Rennie and Barbie approach the house; Junior walks silently past Barbie, and Barbie suggests that he and Rennie share a drink another time. Rennie agrees, claiming that "it's a small town, son; we all support the team." Barbie and Julia leave. At the police department, Linda removes the placards from Paul, Fred, and Duke's lockers before spotting the black cowboy hat that belonged to Perkins. In the cell she woke Duke in two days earlier, Linda lies on the cot and settles Duke's black hat over her face. At the Rennie residence, Jim questions his son's activity, and Junior admits that he looked for a way out of the Dome through the cement factory. Junior then demands to know what his father was doing with Barbie, but Rennie refuses to answer, insinuating that Jim and Barbie are adults while Junior is a child. At the McAlister residence, Joe and Norrie attempt to repair the generator until Carolyn arrives, demanding that Norrie leave with her. Seeing Joe's confusion, Norrie admits that she lied about her life, but thanks him for stepping in against Carter for her; when she touches his hand, the two of them collapse, foaming at the mouth and mumbling that "pink stars are falling in lines." Ben arrives moments later, and Carolyn orders him to get help before he rushes out of the house. In the Rennie's fallout shelter, Angie sleeps until Junior returns; she wakes, and asks if Junior succeeded in going under the barrier, but he admits that he failed and concedes that "there's no way out." Angie spots Junior's bruised hands, and tends to them with a first aid kit, while surreptitiously sliding a pair of scissors under her blanket. At the Shumway residence, Julia jokingly calls Barbie a hypocrite for joining Rennie's search party, but spots the scabs on his knuckles and questions him. He maintains that he was simply passing through town, and denies having connections to anyone in Chester's Mill. He then heads into the bathroom and starts the shower, and Julia opens his backpack to find a map of Chester's Mill with a handwritten symbol reading "2428-#,2 ⓍPB."




Guest Starring



  • John Elvis as Ben
  • Kevin Sizemore as Paul
  • Katie Garfield as Girl #1
  • Chantelle Mussenden as Girl #2
  • Andrew Vogel as Carter
  • Darryl Booker as Townsman #1
  • Nick Basta as Townsman #2
  • Bill Eudaly as Older Man
  • Deborah Childs as Older Woman


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