Margaret "Maggie" Tozier was the mother of Richie Tozier in Stephen King's It. She is compassionate towards her son, but struggles to understand and connect with him. Occasionally, she finds herself longing for a girl of whom she can relate to, as Richie's behavior confuses her, and even scares her at times. Still, she is a loving mother, and along with her husband Wentworth Tozier, gives Richie a happy home life. She dies of unknown causes in 1975.


  • It is briefly mentioned that she tries dieting on and off.
  • When Richie breaks his glasses and tells her that some bullies did it, she cries because they do not have the money to replace them and because she feels that he is lying.
  • She is often reduced to tears when Richie brings back low marks in behavior from school.
  • She is Catholic and disapproves of rock music.


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