"Local Color" is the third episode of Castle Rock. It aired on Hulu on July 25, 2018.


The past catches up with Molly Strand.


In 1991, a young Molly Strand crosses from her house, and crosses the road to Henry Deaver's house. Henry is missing, and his father has been found, half-frozen and with a broken back. He lays on bed hooked up to a life support machine. Molly disconnects the breathing tube and watches as he dies.

In 2018, Jackie Torrance talks with Molly about her upcoming appearance on the show, "Local Color." They talk about Castle Rock, then Molly appears to sense Henry arrive just before he opens the door. Molly begins hearing snippets of conversations that Henry has had previously when she could not have heard them. They talk, and she instinctively knows that he wants to sell the old Deaver house. In flashback, Molly invites Henry to her room to look at her music posters.

At Shawshank State Penitentiary, the prisoner eats a meal while the rest of the inmates are wary of him. He stares a portrait of Warden Lacy on the wall. Everything the prisoner does is noted by Dennis Zalewski and passed on to Henry.

Molly and Jackie head to Molly's home and find it ransacked. Whoever raided the house also knocked over the box containing her memories of Henry, which Jackie notices. Molly prepares for his appearance on "Local Color" and finds that she is out of drugs. She goes to see her dealer, but he is out and directs her to the Timberland Motor Court. The place is full of kids and she tries to score some drugs but the police arrive and bust her.

Henry is at the Castle Rock Police Station looking for information on the prisoner's connection to Dale Lacy. He wants information on Lacy's crime scene. However, since it was ruled a suicide, the case was closed quickly. Learning that Molly is in jail, he bails her out although Molly is not grateful. She pushes Henry away and finally admits that she feels what other people feel. Some people, like Henry, are "louder" and overwhelm her. Molly also tells Henry that "Things happen when we’re together and it can be overwhelming." Henry doesn't take Molly's admission seriously but gets her a cab so she can make her appearance on "Local Call."

Arriving at the station, Molly is put through make-up and put in front of the camera. Overwhelmed, Molly looks like she will pass out. Instead of talking about her real estate project, she reveals the existence of the prisoner in Shawshank, making all the information public.

The publicity forces Warden Porter to talk with Henry. She offers a settlement for the prisoners – $300,000 contingent on the prisoner signing an NDA. Henry knows they can get a lot more money, but relaying the offer to the prisoner will allow him to actually see his client. When Henry talks to him, he asks Henry how old he is and whether is has "begun." Unsettling Henry, he also asks him if he "hears it now." In a flashback, these were the same words used by Henry's father just before Henry ran into the woods.

Molly arrives home to a disaster zone, and she is not convinced she is alone. Hearing something upstairs, she arms herself with a knife. Upstairs, she encounters a bloodied priest who screams "Behold! I tell you a mystery!" before disappearing.


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