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Lisa Debusher Landon, aka Lisey, is the principal character in Stephen King's story, Lisey's Story. In the 2021 Apple TV+ miniseries, she is portrayed by Julianne Moore.


Lisey is a kind woman who has a good relationship with most people in her life, although she struggles a bit with her family- her sister Darla in particular. They often bicker about money or Lisey’s lack of commitment to their family.

Lisey had a very loving and intimate relationship with her husband, Scott. She was curious with him but also accepting of his mysterious behaviors and she rarely pushed him too far to find out more.

Lisey is strong and independent. She doesn’t seem to like to rely on others for help. She hates firearms, particularly because Scott was shot, and refuses to keep one in the house even if it’s for her own protection.


Lisey has a pale complexion and short red hair that she often wears down. She is petite and short.


Lisey's Story Book

In Stephen King’s novel, Lisey is the principal character. She is the daughter of Dave Debusher, the niece of Lincoln Debusher, the sister of Darla, Jodotha, Amanda, and Cantata Debusher, the widow of Scott Landon, and the aunt of Intermezzo.

Lisey's Story (2021 Miniseries)

Bool Hunt

Two years after her late husband’s death, Lisey continues to suffer from dreams and nightmares about her husband. She dreams of them embracing and in love and then she dreams of him getting shot. Lisey is in pain because she misses her husband but she can’t get him and his death out of her mind.

Lisey goes to take care of her sister, Amanda, who has suffered a few manic episodes. On her way over, she runs into Professor Dashmiel who tells her to hand over Scott’s unpublished papers. They fight and she drives off.

Meanwhile, Amanda smashes a mug and starts to slice her hands with it. Lisey rushes over to her house, along with their other sister Darla to care for Amanda. Lisey stays the night at Amanda’s and asks Amanda what Scott did the last time she had an episode to bring her back. Amanda eventually tells her he gave her water from “the pool” and that he left her a treasure hunt. She tells Lisey there are a series of clues starting with the shovel.

In another dream, Scott tells Lisey she is on a “bool hunt”. They watch their wedding party together in this dream in a brief happy moment before Scott disappears from her mind again. Awake again, Lisey looks in Amanda’s address book and sees a clue for the “bool hunt” - a name and number for a doctor. She calls and he immediately knows who she is and offers to help with Amanda.

Later on, a man Jim Dooley calls Lisey and threatens her he will hurt her unless she gives up Scott’s papers, as Professor Dashmiel had asked her to. She hangs up on him and starts to have more memories of the day Scott was shot.

Blood Bool

In Blood Bool, Lisey calls Dashmiel to confront him about Jim’s call. Dashmiel explains how he knows Dooley and insists he said no violence and begs her not to call the police.

Lisey continues to go on the “bool hunt” to find the clues that Scott left her- including one in a signed book for Dr. Hugh Alberness, which leads her to start looking for her mom’s cedar box which may contain the next clue.

Lisey is worried about her safety after Jim’s threats and the police offer their assistance and protection. Lisey comes home to find her dead pet bird in her mailbox as a warning from Jim, along with a threatening letter. She insists on staying home alone, but the police insist on having a patrol car parked in front for extra protection.

Under the Yum-Yum Tree

Lisey continues the bool hunt to find the next one in a cedar box- a “delight”, a piece of yellow knitted fabric. The note with it says “Bunny will help you”, which leads Lisey to go talk to her sister, Amanda. Lisey realizes that Amanda believes she’s in Boo'ya Moon and Lisey tells her she can’t help her get out- she has to get out herself.

Lisey’s police tail has temporarily left to attend a nearby fire. Lisey is at the house alone after Darla leaves and she walks up to her garage, where Jim Dooley is waiting inside.

Jim Dandy

Lisey gets attacked by Jim in her own home. He suffocates her then ties her hands behind her back and demands to know where the rest of Scott’s unpublished manuscripts are. Lisey gets cut and beat up and tries to pacify Jim but is unsuccessful. He leaves and threatens that if she doesn’t give “the Prof” what he wants that there will be consequences.

Lisey washes her wounds in the pool outside her house and recalls memories of going to Boo’ya Moon with Scott and learning more about his brother, Paul.

The Good Brother

Lisey is still sitting outside of the pool thinking back to more memories of Scott telling her about Boo’ya Moon and how Paul died. Lisey remembers more about her trip to Boo’ya Moon on her own to try and get Scott back. She successfully finds Scott sitting on the steps near the lake and she brings him back to the real world.

By the pool, Lisey seems to have a revelation. Lisey says out loud, “It’s Amanda. It’s not Dooley, it’s Amanda.” She texts Darla that she thinks she can help Amanda and she starts to gather a few items in a backpack, grabs the shovel, and jumps into the pool.

Now You Must Be Still

Lisey goes to Boo’ya Moon on her own. She walks into the water at the lake and drinks it and washes herself in it. Her wounds heal quickly. She sees Amanda and Scott sitting on the steps and she writes down notes telling Amanda she needs her help.

Back in the real world, Lisey and Darla create a plan of attack for Jim. Lisey threatens Dashmiel to tell the police Jim is backing off and to encourage him to go to her house at 10pm. Lisey wants him dead.

Lisey and Darla go to the medical facility where Amanda is being held. Lisey asks Amanda how Scott helped her in the past and she said “kissed me”. Lisey kisses Amanda and the water from Boo’ya Moon rushes from her mouth into Amanda’s, bringing Amanda’s body back to life. They all cry and hug and leave the facility. Amanda agrees to the plan to kill Jim and the three go to plot.

No Light, No Spark

In a flashback, Lisey rushes to the hospital where Scott is near death. He tells her it’s Long Boy and that he can no longer go back to the pool to heal. Scott dies and Lisey breaks down crying. She attends his funeral and seems numb.

In the present, she and her sisters plot how to get Jim to Boo’ya Moon. Jim arrives at the house and Lisey tries to entice him over to her but they end up fighting. Jim nearly kills Lisey but it starts raining indoors and Lisey manages to transport the two of them to Boo’ya Moon. In Boo’ya Moon, Lisey screams loudly to get the attention of the Long Boy.

Lisey’s Story

In the season finale, Lisey faces Jim in Boo’ya Moon. She leads the Long Boy to him, who then kills Jim. Lisey finds a manuscript that Scott left her at the end of the bool hunt- called “Lisey’s Story”. She learns more about Scott’s dark childhood. Lisey is finally able to start letting go of Scott and learn how to be alone.

She reconnects with her sisters. She packs up Scott’s old manuscripts and testifies before a Grand Jury about Jim Dooley, who murdered Dan Boeckman.



"I don’t need a creative drunk in my life because I have enough problems as it is."
―Lisey to Scott in Blood Bool