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Lisey’s Story is the eighth and final episode of the Apple TV+ adaption of Lisey's Story. It aired on July 16, 2021.


Lisey faces Dooley and discovers Scott’s final gift to her.


A quote from Oscar Wilde reads: “A flower blossoms for its own joy.”

Amanda and Darla wake up and don’t see Lisey or Jim. They don’t know if she took him or if he took her but they assume, nervously, that they’re in Boo’ya Moon.

In Boo'ya Moon, Lisey whispers “this way” to the Long Boy. The Long Boy finds Jim and Lisey. Lisey whacks Jim with the shovel and he fights back. Lisey injects Jim with a tranquilizer. Jim tells the Long Boy “I am the son of Scott Landon, I am the prophet, I am the lighthouse.” The Long Boy picks up Jim and the monsters on the Long Boy’s body start to eat him alive. Lisey watches and then runs to the water to heal herself. She returns to the real world and hugs her sisters.

Amanda asks if Scott was there guiding her all along and Lisey says that he was. Lisey walks outside, alone, and sees Jim’s mangled body in the pool. She wraps his body up in a blanket and drives away, passing Officer Boeckman’s cop car. She sees that he was shot in the head. She whispers “I’m so sorry.” She then drives to the river and drops Jim’s body parts in. Back at home, she calls the police department to tell them about Dan.

Later on, Roger Dashmiel reads the news about Jim Dooley, the murderer of Dan Boeckman, who is “still at large”. He shakes his head.

Lisey exits the courthouse after testifying in front of a Grand Jury. Craig, another officer, implies to Lisey that it’s suspicious how Jim’s body was missing but his car was found, seeing as he wouldn’t have been able to get far on foot. He also implies he wouldn’t care if Lisey did anything to Jim herself because he knows Jim is a monster.

Lisey reflects on the Bool Hunt, claiming that her prize is “learning how to be alone”. Lisey packs up all of Scott’s manuscripts and donates them. She talks to Amanda about the people in Boo’ya Moon and why they’re there. Amanda tells her that they’re dead, but they’re holding on for a little while before passing on. She cries accepting that Scott is indeed dead.

Lisey leaves Darla a message telling her she has to go but that she will be back. Lisey tells herself “they were all for me”, talking about Scott’s books. She walks into the pool and goes back to Boo’ya Moon. She follows a string to the end of the Bool Hunt. There is the manuscript waiting titled ‘’Lisey’s Story’’.

She reads the story, which is a story about Scott’s childhood. In the story, Scott and his father have a hard time living life after they kill Paul. His father starts hearing noises and thinks it’s Paul coming back. Scott tells him it’s just rats. One morning, a man named Frank comes to the house and Scott answers the door. Scott lies that his dad is in Philly taking care of his sister. Scott’s dad walks up behind Frank with a rifle but then he walks away. In the story, Scott admits part of him wanted his dad to shoot Frank.

Scott’s father made him a Bool Hunt. Some of the clues were from Paul’s Bool Hunts. Meanwhile, Andrew put the head of the rifle in his mouth. He stops himself and chugs a bottle of alcohol instead. Scott reads the last note of the Bool Hunt- “Kill me, put me with Paul please Scott”. Scott gets the pick axe and kills his father. He tried to take him Boo’ya Moon but couldn’t. He drops him into the well, packs a bag and leaves. He told a man in town that his father and brother left him so he was turned over to child welfare. No one ever asked any questions.

In the story, Scott tells Lisey that telling her the truth “sets him free”. He told her he left the Bool Hunt so that she could save Amanda, defend herself against the deep space cowboys, and most of all “remember and go on”.

In Boo’ya Moon, Lisey walks up to the Long Boy. She tells it “I need to see him one more time”. She gives the Long Boy the shovel and the monster takes it without hurting her. Lisey goes to the steps in Boo’ya Moon and sees Scott in the water. She screams his name and he responds “Babyluv” before sinking into the water, letting go at last. Lisey sits on the steps and watches children play on the Hollyhocks pirate ship.  She thinks back to her childhood with her sisters.

Lisey goes back to the real world and sees her sisters. They decide to go to dinner. Before leaving the house, Lisey tells herself “I’ll be okay”. The lighthouse statue lights up in the corner and shuts off on its own.




"You’ve been the anchor that has held me in this world - our world- for so long."
―Scott to Lisey