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"Let the Games Begin" is the tenth episode of Under the Dome, airing on CBS on 26 August 2013.

The episode was written by Peter Calloway and directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan.


While Barbie is involved with a secret fight club, Junior is promoted to full-duty police officer and Julia finds out about Peter's past.

"Chester's Mill is a place like any other. At least it used to be. Until we were cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious Dome. Invisible; indestructible; and completely inescapable. We don't know where it came from or why it's here, but now that we're all trapped under the dome together, none of our secrets are safe."
Julia Shumway

In the McAlister's barn, Norrie, Joe and Angie wake to discover a caterpillar crawling along the inside surface of the miniature dome, and Joe identifies the insect as the larva of a Monarch butterfly. Joe theorizes that Julia may be the "fourth hand," but Angie reminds him that Julia has not suffered a seizure. The three of them place their palms to the dome's surface, activating the blue glow and causing the fourth handprint to appear, then cover the dome with a blanket and leaving. Dodee surreptitiously watches the three leave, then enters the barn and covers the miniature dome.

At the Shumway residence, Julia wakes to find a note from Barbie reading BACK LATER.

At the Rennie residence, Barbie meets with Rennie to discuss Maxine, and the two resolve to find her "insurance policy." Rennie suggests that Maxine may have kept information at one of the houses in town owned by her company, the Osiris Corporation, and offers to research the properties at the Town Clerk's office, but Barbie insists on joining Rennie.

At the office of the Town Clerk, Rennie and Barbie discover a house on Bird Island that was purchased by Osiris in 2005. Shortly after, Maxine arrives at the office to deliver a list of items she wants Rennie to find for her, and instructing Barbie to accompany her. Maxine and Barbie leave.

At the McAlister's barn, Dodee photographs the miniature dome with her cellphone, then touches the surface, activating the blue glow immediately before receiving a shock that throws her across the barn. Moments later, Angie, Joe and Norrie return to find Dodee unconscious but alive, and discover a burn mark on the palm of her hand.

Angie, Joe and Norrie rush Dodee to the Clinic, where they discover that she remembers nothing but electricity; they claim that they found her near the generator outside the radio station building before turning her over to the care of Nurse Adams. Angie asks if anyone else has experienced seizures, and Nurse Adams claims that the last seizure before Norrie and Joe occurred at Angie's "tenth grade dance." Angie then rushes out of the Clinic with Joe and Norrie following.

At the town hall, Julia arrives to search for Barbie, but find Linda searching Duke's office. Linda confirms that Julia spoke with Grinnell about the events at the propane storage facility, and shows Julia the security footage of Duke meeting Maxine at the facility, explaining that Duke was somehow involved with Coggins in the manufacture of "Rapture" while theorizing that Coggins burned down Duke's house to destroy evidence. Linda then examines Duke's hat, discovering a safe deposit box key tucked inside the inner band, and Julia identifies the key as belonging to the Bank of Chester's Mill.

Aboard his boat, Rennie pilots across Lake East Point.

In town, Junior drives a squad car along a residential road, spotting a man with a backpack who promptly flees. Junior pursues the man, quickly catching up to him to discover that he had shoplifted a canister of salt from a convenience store; the man admits that salt is "better than cash if you want to get into the cement factory."

At Sanders Cement Works, Maxine and Barbie arrive as Maxine warns Barbie not to trust Rennie, and the two head inside with a crowd of dozens of townspeople to find a black market as well as an underground fight club that Maxine has set up as "adult entertainment."

At Bird Island, Rennie arrives and docks, approaching a large waterfront house where he discovers a woman who recognizes him from his television commercials. She claims that the house belongs to Oliver Luckland, and Rennie explains that, as councilman, he is checking on the well-being of the town's outlying citizens; he offers to wait for Luckland, and Agatha invites him inside.

At the Cement Works, Maxine gives Barbie a tour of the black market.

In town, Joe and Norrie catch up with Angie, who explains that Junior is the "fourth hand" because he was rushed from her tenth grade dance after he passed out. Angie reveals that Junior kept her captive after the appearance of the Dome, angering Joe before Norrie confirms that Junior did, in fact, have a seizure at the dance. Angie offers to show Joe and Norrie proof of her theory.

At the Bank of Chester's Mill, Linda and Julia arrive to find the building abandoned, discussing Julia's husband before finding the safe deposit box room open with its gate locked. Julia searches for keys, but Linda uses a fire extinguisher to break open the gate.

At the Cement Works, Junior arrives with the canister of salt, but Duncan refuses to allow Junior inside now that he's a deputy. Junior demands to enter, but Duncan punches him in the face and takes the salt instead.

Inside the Cement Works, two men pummel one another until one wins the fight. Maxine and Barbie watch, and Maxine explains that she wants Barbie, threatening to tell Julia about Peter's death in order to compel Barbie to comply. He does, fighting Victor Rawlins, a man he had once collected money from and whose life was destroyed by his gambling.

At Bird Island, Rennie hastily searches the house, discovering a photograph of Agatha with a teenage girl. Agatha holds Rennie at gunpoint, explaining that the girl is her daughter, Maxine, before disarming Rennie.

At the Cement Works, Maxine announces the "main event" to raucous applause, and Barbie fights Rawlins, who lands the first punch, knocking Barbie to the ground before Barbie takes down Rawlins at the knees.

At Bird Island, Agatha holds Rennie at gunpoint, and reminds him that they attended high school together. Agatha, then sixteen years old and known as Claire, had dropped out when she became pregnant with Maxine, and had turned to prostitution to support herself and her child. She reveals that Maxine gave her evidence against Rennie, Duke, and Coggins, and inadvertantly reveals that Barbie killed Peter Shumway; she also calls Junior crazy, infuriating Rennie, who challenges her to kill him. When Agatha hesitates, Rennie promptly disarms her.

In Pauline's studio, Angie shows the pink stars painting to Joe and Norrie. Joe vows to kill Junior anyway, but Norrie insists that all that matters is "what the Dome wants"; moments later, Junior arrives, and Joe attempts to attack him before Junior quickly puts the teenager in a chokehold. Angie persuades Junior to release Joe by explaining that the four of them are "connected to something amazing."

At the Cement Works, Barbie and Rawlins fight until Barbie knocks Rawlins to the ground, dazed; Barbie taunts Rawlins until the man gets up again and attacks Barbie, who instructs Rawlins to hit him as hard as he can. Rawlins obliges, and Barbie takes a fall, forcing Maxine to declare Rawlins the winner. Maxine then reveals to Barbie that she bet on Rawlins because she knew that Barbie would throw the fight.

At the Bank of Chester's Mill, Linda and Julia open Duke's safe deposit box, finding a toy sheriff's badge that Linda had given to Perkins following his heart surgery. Julia also finds a letter addressed to whom it may concern explaining that Duke agreed to supply Maxine with propane in exchange for Maxine keeping drugs out of Chester's Mill; the letter further implicates Coggins and Rennie for their parts in the operation. Julia then opens her safe deposit box, finding Peter's life insurance policy worth a million dollars.

At Bird Island, Rennie pilots his boat with Agatha aboard, her hands tied, and claims that "the world" will reveal "the right course of action." Moments later, Agatha throws herself overboard and Rennie circles around, then reconsiders before leaving Agatha flailing in the water.

At the Cement Works, Maxine tends to Barbie's injuries while claiming that the two of them should work together to exploit the people of Chester's. Barbie expresses his skepticism, but Maxine claims that she intends to "burn the place down" if she doesn't get what she wants. She again threatens to tell Julia about Barbie's part in Peter's death, but Barbie leaves after insisting that he and Maxine are "finished."

At the Rennie residence that night, Jim returns home to find Linda, who explains that she wants to talk to Rennie at the police station. Rennie claims that the conversation can wait until morning, and Linda agrees, and leaves after threatening to arrest Rennie if he doesn't arrive first thing the next day.

At the Shumway residence, Barbie arrives to find Julia and confesses that he lied about meeting Peter on the day the Dome appeared. He explains that he confronted Peter, but Julia reveals that she knows that Peter pulled a gun on Barbie because she found the revolver missing from a case in her bedroom closet. Julia reveals that Peter's gun had been unloaded, and shows Peter's life insurance policy to Barbie, explaining that Peter deliberately provoked Barbie into killing him in order for Julia to collect the insurance settlement. Barbie apologizes, and Julia insists that "there can be no more lies."

In the McAlister barn, Angie, Joe, and Norrie reveal the miniature dome to Junior, and the four discover that the caterpillar is now inside a chrysalis. The three place their palms against the surface of the barrier, activating the blue glow and revealing the fourth palmprint, and Junior presses his hand to the dome. The power in the building overloads as streaks of pink surge through the egg, which suddenly projects constellations made up of thousands of pink stars into the barn.




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