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Reverend "Lester" Lowe is the main antagonist in the book Cycle of the Werewolf and its 1985 adaptation, Silver Bullet. He is the reverend of the Grace Baptist Church.


Cycle of the werewolf

He becomes a victim of a curse in which he has no memory of what he does in his werewolf state. He at first was unconsciously unaware that something was wrong with him. He didn't suspect himself to be the werewolf and was ignorant about it. Until he had a nightmare and found a dead body in his church, he realize was wrong him due to the scratches and bruises he found on his body. This scratches and bruises didn't cause pain to him that he dismiss them along with blood in his lips and hands.
After waking up blind in one eye, he couldn't deny to be the werewolf. He assumed it happened in a day of last November before he became a werewolf. He went to pick up some flowers by the little cemetery on Sunshine Hill. He notice that they were flowers he had never seen before. The flowers were dead before he could get back to town by turning black one by one. He believes that this let to the begin of the curse.
He thinks himself smarter than the hunters since they speak of him as a man-wolf that leads to him been thought as a wolf and not a man. He decided to get away from town to another town in November to avoid the hunters. But the only thing that frighten him is the letter send by Marty. This letters or blackmail let him to find reasons in his thoughts to justify his curse. He starts to believe that since he is a man of God, he will not kill himself. This lead him to reason that evil also serves the will of God and who ever he attack on the fourth of July perhaps should be silenced.

Cycle of the Werewolf

He is the town's Reverend who is hiding a dark secret unconsciously: he is a werewolf that has been terrorizing the town for months, killing several people. Until in May, he had a dream in which everyone in the congregation turned into a werewolf and finding next day Cycle Corliss' gutted body. This let him know that something was wrong with him after waking up feeling amazingly during the period when the moon is full. He decided to simply ignore all signs or things that were present to him.
However, when young, wheelchair-bound Marty Coslaw wanders out at night to shoot fireworks during the fourth of July, he is attacked by the werewolf. Luckily, before the werewolf can kill him, Marty uses firecrackers to blow the creature's left eye out, blinding it and giving Marty enough time to flee. The next day, Lowe wakes up blind in one eye and with the signs he had previously ignored. Until this point, he could deny that was he was the werewolf or the Beast.
However, the day Marty return from Vermont after Labor Day, Marty begins hunting for a one-eyed man, and he discovers during Halloween that Lester Lowe is now wearing an eyepatch, and the similarities in his face to the werewolf, meaning that he is the only possible man who could be the werewolf. This discovery didn't surprised Lowe since, Marty was in a costume to recognize him as the child who he tried to attack.
When Marty send him letters unsigned and without salutation, this frighten Lowe to the point he lit all the letters he keep receiving from Marty on a large glass ashtray. The first letter or note said, "I know who you are". The second said, "If you are a man of God, get out of town. Go someplace where there are animals for you to kill but no people.". The third said, "End it.". Finally, the recent one said, "Why don't you kill yourself?". Lowe thinks petulantly, after reading each note that he didn't ask to become a werewolf. He simply became a werewolf. He remembers of what happened last November. He finds that killing himself makes other look like animals and want to know who is writing to him the notes or blackmailing him.
After Marty sign two last note sent to Lowe, Lowe decided to wait until the full moon in December to silence Marty. He is shot by Marty in the other eye and died in the last minute of New Year.

Silver Bullet

After a failed attempt to kill Marty, Lowe kills the town's sherriff, changes into his werewolf form and hunts the Coslaw house where Marty, his sister and uncle are at, and attempts to kill them all, but meets his demise when Marty shoots a homemade silver bullet into the werewolf's right eye, killing him.


Cycle of the Werewolf

  • Arnie Westrum: He kills him during a snow storm in a full moon by breaking into a shack and tearing him into pieces. There was no motive of killing him just part of the curse.
  • Stella Randolph: He kills her during St. Valentine's Day full moon when she lets him inside through her bedroom window. There was no motive of killing her just part of the curse.
  • A Drifter: He kill him during a full moon since the drifter was found sitting in a frozen pool of his own blood with his hands held up in a warding-off gesture with his coat and shirt chewed open the next day. There was no motive of killing him just part of the curse.
  • Brady Kincaid: There was no motive of killing him just part of the curse.
  • Clyde Corliss: There was no motive of killing him just part of the curse.
  • Alfie Knopfler: There was no motive of killing him just part of the curse.
  • Constable Neary: There was no motive of killing him just part of the curse.
  • Milt Sturmfuller: His motive to kill Milt was due to him been under the curse and to justify Milt death as a will of God. Since, Milt was consider by him to be a person that need to cut out of Taker's Mill.

Silver Bullet